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Early in the morning or late in the evening they can be seen almost everywhere: Men and women who are disciplined in their daily running schedule. But in addition to endurance and fitness, running also seems to be increasingly about fashion statements. Running shoes must not only be comfortable and give the foot optimum support, but also wear the trendy brand logo and have a striking appearance. And functional clothing must not only protect against the weather and reliably remove perspiration, it must also be really chic. But what about the running belts that more and more recreational athletes wear during their training? Are these narrow or wide belts, which sit over the hip, a fashion accessory or really recommendable?

Those who leave their flat to walk a few rounds through the park in the neighbourhood would prefer not to carry anything at all with them. But where are apartment keys and smartphones when it comes to running? In sportswear, these important utensils can usually not be accommodated and to carry a backpack while running is also not a good idea. Purists may counter that the mobile phone is dispensable during training. But what if you fall and get hurt on the way? Then you’ll appreciate it when you can get help quickly. In summer you should always take some water with you to compensate for the loss of fluid. Some running belts offer the possibility of attaching one or more drinking bottles to them.

Anyone who wants to buy a running belt is spoilt for choice. The offer is so large that orientation is difficult. The price range is also considerable. The cheapest models are already available from about 5 Euro and the potential buyer can easily find running belts for far more than 100 Euro. A thorough comparison shows that price is not a recommendable yardstick for assessing quality. Ultimately, every athlete has to find out for himself which model best suits his needs. It is important that the belt fits well when running. It mustn’t rub and it mustn’t slip. It should also be made of a waterproof material that is washable.

The Friendly Swede running belt offers very good value for money. This product is a set of two. This has one decisive advantage: you can store your smartphone and key ring separately from each other. Ugly scratches on the sensitive touch screen can thus be avoided. The belts are slim and designed to fit any sporty outfit. The length can be infinitely adjusted between 69 cm and 110 cm. Some use this tight-fitting running belt also on journeys, in order to carry money and valuables inconspicuously and as close as possible to the body. This belt has a small disadvantage: The transported objects are protected from sweat. However, if you are on the road for a long time in pouring rain, you must expect moisture to penetrate through the zippers.

The ‘drinking belt’ from ZIKEE offers a little more space. In addition to Smartphone & Co, two drinking bottles can also be stowed in it, so that you can also do longer runs with this belt.

TOP 5 Barrel belt Bestseller

Nocona Girl's Barrel Racer Belt Buckle, Silver, OS
  • Girls Youth Nocona Buckle
  • Oval Barrel RacerSpecifications
  • Color: Silver
  • Measures: 2.25 x 3 in.
  • Gender: Girls
Bucket Boss Four-Barrel Tool Sheath with FlapFit in Brown, 54184
  • Exclusive Bucket Boss FlapFit Series
  • 5 pockets
  • 2 long-handled tool loops
  • Metal tape measure clip
Crumrine Belt Buckle Girls Barrel Racer Bead 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 Gold 384L
  • Barrel Racer
  • Silver with Gold Accents
  • 4 Gold Engravable Ribbons
  • Custom EngravingSpecifications
  • Size: Medium
Ariat Women's Blue Inlay Floral Bling Belt, brown, Medium
  • Triple snap interchangeable buckle
  • 1 1/2 inch
  • 100 percent genuine leather