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Hundred Season 2

Hundred Season 2 Release Date News Updates: This anime series “Hundred” was first released in April 2016 on televisions. Hundred Season 1 had 12 episodes. This anime was great for school students because of the storyline, being based on a short story. Tomoki Kobayashi was its director which in itself was one more reason to be interested in this anime.

This anime series has introduced two main characters to the world that anime lovers all across the world could relate within reality. The first one is the boy or rather the protagonist whose name is Hayato Kisaragi and second is his girlfriend who’s name is Emile Crossfade. The name of the series was in form of the number “Hundred” because of it being a martial arts sequence based Anime. Hayato and Emile both went to a University to study that martial arts weapon because this was the only weapon from which the main character can ruin the clan of rivals called “Savage.”

Hundred Season 2 Latest Updates

The first season of hundred got the attention of the viewers in a brief time. It got many positive thoughts and reviews and a high rating as well. When this anime came to an end, viewers started a proposal for launching the second part of this plot. That raised a question in every viewer’s mind, will hundred seasons 2 launch?

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Whenever the world feels danger or deprivation, it needs a superhero. When a new mysterious shape has been formed suddenly on the earth called “Savage,” which threatens the peoples with potential destruction, to protect them from that destruction they needed a weapon called “Hundred.” Anyone cannot own this weapon. The specially trained students from University ” Little Garden” are only able to own that weapon. Hayato Kisaragi was the young boy who dreamed of becoming the most celebrated martial artist of the world. He held this weapon and destroyed the ancient yet savage clan. Hayato was excited about two surprises. The first was that he would meet the girl he liked the most and the second is that he will get a chance to fight with the best fighter of the university.

There were some enemies left in the clan Savage. They were able to run which results in saving their lives. They are now thinking to get the revenge from the Hayato and his girlfriend for the destruction of their clan Savage. They are thinking to destroy the world of the Hayato and his girlfriend similarly how they both along with their friends destroyed their tribe. The second season of the series will start from where the story of the season first was ended. Now there will be a more significant fight, bigger enemies,  an excellent experience.

Will There be a Hundred Season 2?

We have struggled hard to get the actual news to all of the viewers. First, the launch date decided was in Oct 2017 according to many web sources, and some said that it most probably would be launched in June 2017. However, in the end, all those rumors were just rumors. There was no truth in them. The fact is that at the current time there is no official date announced about releasing the hundred season 2, but this does not mean that we do not have any news for you. We have some thrilling and exciting news for the viewers solely based on fresh news and its storyline.

The answer to the question “will the second season of Hundred release” is its popularity and good ratings. This series has a high interest of peoples which inevitably ends up the answer to yes; there will be the second season of hundred.

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Hundred Season 2 News & Updates

The novel, from which this series’ story was taken has 13 chapters in it, and only four were taken for making of the 1st season of Hundred. Now, according to the rumors, the same kind of length of chapters are also enough for the second season of the Hundred.

When the boy, Hayato Kisaragi attacked the enemies along with his crew, he was not able to kill all the enemies. Those left enemies will fight again in the second season with Hayato Kisaragi.

Expected Release Date of Hundred Season 2

It was supposed to release the season two of the series Hundred late in 2017 or earlier in 2018, but now according to the fresh news and rumors, it is said to be released not more previously than the spring of 2018. However, yet the official release date of the second season is yet to be announced officially.


The first season of the anime series Hundred was a big hit and got high rankings and now the Hundred Season 2 is on its way. It is an anime based on a short novel which makes it more exciting and enjoyable for the viewers. The official release date has not been announced yet by the production team, but the expected release date is mentioned above. Let’s see now what happens next.


  1. I need to read more of “Hundred” chapters to be publish and anime series to continue from the story of the novel book. For more record there is suppose to continuing the chapter and not ending it at the scene of Hayato and Emilia reuniting with her identity revealing than ended there.