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new game season 3

People are madly and crazily in love with the Japanese series called New Game by Doga Kobo. It is a very popular classic genre which has taken the millennials by storm. I am one of the die-heart fans of Doga Kobo’s New Game and there is a news that this Manga is coming up with a brand New Game Season 3.

Those who are new to the Manga series, they must go and check out the New Game old version, it is an anime series which showcases cute girls creating video games. New series is based on the 4 panel Manga series.

New Game Season 3 News: What You Can Expect?

The show started back in 2013 and has a total of 6 volume. The second last volume i.e 5th is a prequel of New Games, the series revolves around Aoba, Nene, and Hotaru. They are high school going girls but those stories are missing in the animated adaption. The release date of New Games season 3 still remains a mystery.

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The plot revolves around girls developing video games. Aoba’s dream is to become a video game developer and the second season tracks and showcases all the adventures at the Eagle Jump by her co-workers. The initial episode got all the inspiration from different manga chapters.

The adaptations are very much evident from these examples like the coffee spat by Shizuku Hazuki happens when Aoba asked why the company is keen to hire only female candidates.  This happens in the 26th chapter. Similarly, Umiko Ahagon nods her head for the position of a chief programmer so that she can toss Shizuku’s forehead if any particular specification changes are made, this was part of the 27th chapter.

In fact, the New Game’s episode 13 a little inspired from the chapter 29. The main focus on the plot was on Aoba and their co-working fellows which are a crucial part of the storyline. The falling of beautiful sakura petals and flowers happened during the 43rd chapter. The leads’ second year begins during the initial episode, but there was huge change during the initial two episodes this made the audience have a distinct feeling about the lead characters.

The character of Aoba is very shy and timid since she is young and does not carry much experience she gets gel up at the new place immediately. She felt at home at the new job and enjoys working with her new female co-workers. The second season of New Games had more drama and fewer jokes, people loved the sensitivity. People loved to watch the sensitivity and bonding between the female colleagues.

During the initial announcement of 49th Chapter, KO wanted Aoba to develop a brand new key visual but it did not come into implementation due to Rin Toyama and Hazuki. These two folks were keener on marketing the game with KO; they wanted it to be done by the lead visual designer fellow. KO wasn’t in favor of it because it would be a biased decision for Aoba.

Aoba took it sportively and challenged KO and took up key visual as a learning experience. The anime launched a designing contest which created a spark of jealousy between these two characters in the story. It is amazing to read the manga version of the storyline because you will notice the beautiful development of both these characters.

New Game Season 3 News Info Updates Rumors

The first season was more than a beautiful slice of life which offers great entertainment to all the anime lovers. The year later the makers came up with season 2 of the new game and it was the instant hit. The games were created by all young girls gang and a lot of audiences could connect and enjoy the second season. People are looking forward to seeing more of kawaii girls and their problems to be discussed on a regular basis.  It is a great season to make fun of the gamers and regular anime clichés and stubborn stereotypes. The audience loved the graphics of the anime series and the lively comedy plot.

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New Game Season 3 Expected Release Date

The audiences are desperately looking to know about the release date of New Game season 3, but there is no official announcement from the developing team the studio should definitely come up with new episodes as the show has a huge fan following. The moment release date is announced, we will update you here.

It would be fun to watch a brand new 3rd season of New Games, the show is surely going to be a super hit like its previous version as it has huge fan followers. The audience loved the character of Aoba, they love the plot of girls all work and how they carry on with the video game designing. The show has got everything like the comedy, drama, and sensitivity.

Final Words

It is totally a visual treat for all the manga lovers, looking forward to an enthralling new game season 3 from the makers. Stay tuned on the page for updates regarding the release date of a new game season 3 and the addition of new characters.