Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date Spoilers Updates

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date Spoilers Updates: Who does not love a Japanese Manga that incorporates the gangster life with romance? Nisekoi has played two seasons successfully based on this simple premise that was told beautifully. Those two seasons was a big hit for the production team making it a perfect potion for an interesting next season.

Nisekoi Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

People gave a lot of love to those seasons because they liked the concept and the style of storytelling. When season 2 of Nisekoi came to its end, people became upset and wanted another season of the same anime series. Tokyo based Aniplex Studios produced Nisekoi anime series. The particular reason of the confusion about the launching of season 3 of Nisekoi anime series was that though both previous seasons were good but the second season was not able to get better ratings and love by the peoples in compared to the first season. But don’t worry, we will tell you here every possible news, updates, and rumors about Nisekoi Season 3.

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Storyline (Plot)

A young teenage boy whose name is Raku Ichijo is the highlighted character of Nisekoi anime series. His father name is Shuei-Gumi. He was the boss of a gangster Yakuza. Raku is shown as a shy boy in the anime and has a hesitant personality. The leading female character of this anime series is Chitoge Kirisaki. Her father was a beehive leader who is a rival syndicate. This is completely contrasting to Raku. Chitoge is very confident and is never a shy personality. She is a girl but regards to that she is far more brave and optimistic than Raku. Raku Ichijo belongs to a family of gangsters, but he never liked to expose his family to the others. He just wanted to live his life like how a typical teenager would love to. In his childhood, Raku promises a girl that they will marry each other once the grow up to become adults. Before parting away as kids they get this lovely pair of locket and a key from which Raku takes the pendant and girl takes the key. By sheer coincidence on an instance after some time they both get separated from each other. Raku desperately keeps searching for the  girl who has the key to his locket for a complete ten years.

The story continues to when it was the first day of school of both Chitoge and Raku. They both disliked each other on the first sight. Raku named Chitoge as Gorilla. But the shocking thing in this story is that both Raku and Chitoge were forced up to marry each other. The families of both Raku and Chitoge were different so if anyone of them ignores the proposal that can be unpleasant for them. So for the sake of peace, they both decided to act like they love each other in front of their families and society.

But the story of Raku’s life gets twisted when the girl with the key entered in his life. The name of that girl is Kosaki Onodera. She came again in the life of Raku. When Raku met Kosaki, he also hoped that she might have the key that he gave to a girl in his childhood. Kosaki also started to have some feelings for Raku in her heart, and she also wanted to make Raku move out of his drama of relationship with Chitoge. Till that time almost every girl of the school wished to Raku as their love because of his immense good looks and rich upbringing.

The story continues with Raku’s life juggling between his love and responsibilities and all the hardship that follows.

Nisekoi Season 3 News Info Updates Rumors

It is evident in front of everyone that the story of Nisekoi anime series is not yet completed so that there must be a third season of it. But the main thing to notice about the Japanese anime makers is that they focus on the success of the anime in their country Japan. They never think about other foreign countries that if other people liked it or not. If Japanese people liked the anime, then it is going to continue, but if the Japanese didn’t like it, it means that anime series is back on the way to its home. In case of this Nisekoi anime series, the first season was a great success and loved by the Japanese people. It had 20 episodes and each of them was very interesting. But the second season was a boring season. The people hated it because of its boring storylining. Its plot was very slow regards it had 12 episodes. So according to the rumours, there is no chance of releasing of Nisekoi season 3.

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Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date Updates

As there are no chances of releasing of Nisekoi season 3 so there is no expected or official release date announced.


The conclusion to Nisekoi Season 3 is that there are remarkably fewer chances of releasing it by the production team because of the lousy impression for season 2 from the peoples of Japan. But the fact is that the production team has not announced the official statement, so there is still a confusion if it is going to be releasing or not. Wait for the next updates.