Nowhere is it better to recover from everyday stress than in your own bedroom, so it is all the more important to furnish this place of relaxation according to your own wishes and ideas and to decorate it as homely as possible. Probably the most important piece of bedroom furniture is a comfortable bed, no matter whether it is a classic futon bed, a noble wooden bed or a comfortable box spring bed, in which you can recharge your batteries overnight to start the next day full of energy. One or two decorative bedside tables complete the bed and provide valuable storage space for the alarm clock, handkerchiefs or mobile phone, for example. A spacious wardrobe should not be missing in any bedroom either, as clothing and other things that need to be stowed away can be accommodated here appropriately. For example, socks can be stored in drawers, T-shirts and pullovers are in good hands in the storage compartments and evening dresses or blouses can be hung on hangers on clothes rails. Those who need more storage space will find practical bedroom furniture with tasteful chests of drawers or attractive sideboards, which not only look decorative, but also provide additional space for blankets, pillows or sheets, for example. Thanks to the multitude of shapely furniture for the bedroom it is easy to create your own oasis of well-being to your heart’s content – there are no limits to your imagination!