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Pieces of furniture

Furniture and accessories for the realization of your individual creative living ideas are offered to you in the category Furniture pieces. In the category you will find furniture made of different materials, in different colours and in different designs to match the different living styles

The extensive range of products in this category allows you to choose a new TV board, sideboard, bookshelf or other furniture at home with all family members at your leisure and on the screen. If you enjoy reading, you can order all the furniture and accessories you need to create a comfortable reading corner in your living room. A wide range of decorative and functional furniture and home accessories are also available in the category for bedrooms, children’s rooms, teenagers’ rooms, guest rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

In the bedroom, for example, a bedside table offers you enough space to store all utensils that you want to have ready at hand at all times. A stool next to the bed is also practical, which you can also use as an additional storage space if required. With a room divider, you can divide a room into different areas and protect yourself from prying eyes, for example when you are dressed

With suitable home accessories, such as decorative cushions, vases, pictures, lamps, carpets, runners, curtains and other utensils, you can give your home comfort, style and personality.