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A nail clipper or nail clip is a utensil for the care of fingernails and toenails. The construction of the nail clipper is pincer-shaped. At the tip it has two blades parallel to each other. The utensil was invented in 1896. Unlike nail scissors, a nail clipper is not used to cut the nails off, but rather to clip them off by applying pressure to a lever usually located on the top of the utensil. In this way, no or only a few cracks can appear in the horn plate of the nail. Another advantage is the symmetry of the structure. A disadvantage: A nail clipper usually cannot be guided as finely as nail scissors.

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Most nail clippers are designed in such a way that a pincer arm can be turned into the position necessary to achieve the lever effect. This removes part of the nail. This enables simple and comfortable trimming of fingernails and toenails. The lever effect ensures that hardly any or relatively little force is required to trim the nails with a nail clipper. This not only facilitates the manicure or pedicure, but also keeps the nail stable and healthy. Nail clippers are available in numerous different shapes and variants. They usually consist of two curved cut edges made of metal. The type of clipper determines whether the body of the utensil is made of metal or ceramic, plastic or special glass. In addition, the body of the clipper can also be sheathed in order to benefit design and handling. Also in the form nail clippers can differ from each other: This allows the cutting edges to be located both at the end and at the side of the pliers.

Nowadays, nail clippers are available in many different designs and price ranges. At first glance there is little or no difference. Nevertheless, there are some differences, both in the processing and in the quality of the material. With a nail clipper, fingernails and toenails can be cut quickly and easily – and all in one piece. The cut surfaces of the clips are usually slightly curved so that a natural and well-groomed curve is created. There are numerous high-quality nail clippers on the market, such as the products of remos, Bellgreen, Tenartis and KlipPro. Especially recommendable: The nail clipper from Victorinox, the leading manufacturer of Swiss pocket knives as well as scissors, manicure sets, kitchen and garden knives. The Victorinox Nail Clipper is stainless and comes in a high-quality, attractive Skai case. It ensures precise and safe cutting of both fingernails and toenails. The integrated, extremely practical nail file ensures that the nails can be filed after the snap.

The use of a nail clipper brings numerous advantages that should not be underestimated. This makes it easy to turn, so that the desired lever effect can be achieved from any cutting position. When not in use, the pliers arm can be moved to a rest position where it is small and immovable. Due to its two blades, a nail clipper does not load the fingernail or toenail on one side only. In contrast to nail scissors, a nail clipper cannot cause cracks in the horn plate due to the distribution of pressure, for example with large and thick nails such as toenails. In addition, the toenails can always be cut straight with a nail clipper. In this way, the danger of the nail growing in is less great. However, a nail clipper can be guided less finely than nail scissors. For particularly short or fine nails, a nail scissors therefore performs better because it is more precise. On the other hand, it must be turned to be able to cut the nails of both hands or feet. A nail clipper, on the other hand, is symmetrical. However, the fresh edges or cut edges it produces may be sharp-edged or frayed, depending on the quality and sharpness of the clipper. As a result, it is sometimes worth filing a little later. Some nail clippers such as the Victorinox Nail Clipper therefore have an integrated, fold-out nail file.

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