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Silver is often worn, but after a short time this darkness tarnishes. Not only is this annoying, it also looks bad. Manufacturers of silver cleaners promise that the jewellery will shine like new again, although tarnishing cannot always be prevented.

Professional cleanersThese are mostly liquid, although there are also differences in handling. Some clean only the silver jewellery, without working against the tarnishing at the same time. For this purpose, an extra preparation would have to be purchased. They are quicker and easier to clean than with toothpaste, but then they are much more expensive to buy. Additionally then still the means against starting, which works however always only some time. How exactly depends on the wearing and use of the jewelry, so there is no direct information here. There are so some choices, whereby these can be often nevertheless already very expensive.

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Cheap and always at homeOnly a few people are familiar with this product, because silver can be perfectly cleaned with a simple and cheap toothpaste. Simply apply the toothpaste with a cloth or paper towel and rub in a little. Leave the toothpaste for a short time and then thoroughly remove all toothpaste residues. The gaps can be reached with a toothbrush. A simple product that not only removes dirt, but also protects against tarnishing. The only disadvantage is that the cleaning takes longer and is more laborious. This process must also be repeated more frequently, especially when the silver jewellery is worn on the skin. This then starts up one way or the other and becomes black. However, this is the cheapest way to clean the silver jewelry.

Cleaning silver jewellery with denture cleanerThis is also one of the many options, although cleaning is also very easy here. Simply dissolve such a tab in warm water and then put the silver jewellery in it. Then let it work for some time and rinse under clear water. However, this can also be done without rinsing. It is best to leave the jewellery in the denture cleaner overnight, then polish with a very soft cloth. Glasses cleaning cloths, which are also available free of charge from opticians, are also suitable for this purpose. This way even the most stubborn or older dirt can be removed and the jewellery shines again. This can also be done with vinegar cleaner or diluted vinegar. So all means that are available in many households.

Cleaning silver jewellery simply and cheaplyExactly that is possible, whereby the household remedies such as toothpaste or also the denture cleaner can be taken also at the same time still for golf jewellery or also fake jewellery. Thus, everyone can choose the type of cleaning, whereby the household remedies have been used much longer. Professional cleaners are often more expensive to purchase and only clean. Often an extra remedy has to be bought to combat the annoying tarnishing, but this only helps to a limited extent. Because even in bad or humid weather, the silver jewellery can tarnish again. Likewise when the person sweats and the jewellery is worn on the naked skin. Therefore, the silver jewellery can then also tarnish again and again, which of course also requires frequent cleaning. But simply overnight in the denture cleaner and then polishing is here still very simple and effective at the same time.

Home remedies always convince here Straight These are usually available in almost every household and do not have to be bought separately. Another advantage is that such household remedies are more compatible with the environment. A disadvantage, with the cleaning more time must be planned in, whereby the advantage here might be the favorable price. A further advantage is that they not only clean, but the jewellery also shines like new again. Of course, this process may have to be carried out more frequently, but this also has to do with the use of the jewellery. Thus, even professional cleaners have some advantages as to how they work faster. How they relate to the environment cannot be said directly. This is because they can often be used over a longer period of time. A great disadvantage, these only clean without the jewelry then shines. Therefore, often a remedy has to be bought again. It is then up to each individual to decide which method to use. All cleaners are effective in their own way.

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