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The motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle and is single-track. It takes a little skill to ride it. Anyone wishing to drive such a vehicle must hold a special driving licence. There are around 4.2 million motorcycles in Germany alone. This vehicle is mostly used for leisure purposes only. The drivers then travel the most beautiful panoramic routes in Germany with the machines. Many riders have a real hype about their motorbike. They equip it with non-standard components and thus provide an optical eye-catcher. The machines available on the market are motorised to different degrees

Competitions are also held with motorcycles. These attract audiences from all over the world and inspire thousands. However, this hype should not hide the fact that driving such a vehicle also entails risks. In Germany, therefore, helmets are a must for motorcyclists, and rightly so. Nostalgia is of course not neglected by some fans of these vehicles. In addition to the usual road machines, there are also historical motorcycles and vintage cars. Of course leather cleats are also part of it. For the use of these vehicles in road traffic, however, there is also a large industry related to safety clothing. This is equipped with protectors to prevent serious injuries in the event of a possible fall from the machine.

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