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Horses are like people. They sleep, drink, need exercise and care and must also eat. For horses, hay is man’s wholemeal bread. But especially old horses cannot cope with the long stems due to missing or broken teeth. There are also some allergic reactions such as coughing. But also these horses must get their food. But what are we feeding right now? Are haycobs a healthy and nutritious alternative? And what are haycobs anyway? How do you feed them?

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So-called heucobs are an alternative to real hay. They consist of dried, chopped and pressed grass and are intended to replace 100% of the hay. There are three types of haycobs. On the one hand, there are the green meal pellets, which are chopped from soft and dried grass. Then there are also the grass cobs, for which older grass is used. And finally there are the haycobs, which are made from finished hay. The hay substitute, whether in pellets or in Cobs, contains all the important nutrients and vitamins a horse needs. Haycobs are drier than hay and thus significantly prevent the formation of mould. This is due to the fact that the haycobs have considerably less water and that the cobs are heated during pelleting, which eliminates all the bacteria from the cooking process. Of course, it is important to ensure dry storage, otherwise the best haycobs are useless.

That’s where the spirits argue. Some say they should be fed in sacks as fibre feed, others say they should be fed as pellets. Then there are again those who say it should be dry pellets, and others who say you should soak them. Soaking the pellets, for example, is the better option for older horses. For horses that can easily chew the long fibres of the hay, the haycobs that can be hung in the stable are of course better suited.

That depends on the horse. For young, healthy horses, the Heucobs are a supplementary feed, but by no means a complete feed substitute. This is due to the short fibres and the times the horses need to eat. For older and sick horses the heucobs are usually the last salvation, if the normal feed is simply not taken up and digested sufficiently anymore. The use of concentrated feed is exactly the wrong way at that moment, because the older or sick horses cannot process this and put on fat pads. Hay pellets, on the other hand, beautifully soaked, are the best alternative for horses together with hay cobs in nets. Healthy horses, on the other hand, can eat the hay substitute from the hay cobs without any problems.

Haycobs are a good alternative to real hay. However, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the horse in order to ensure sufficient nutrition and thus the well-being of the horse. One should also pay attention whether one feeds the haycobs in the net or soaks them if necessary in order to make chewing easier for the older horses. Because only if the feed is well transportable, the intestinal flora will be able to process the feed accordingly and supply the horse with all necessary nutrients. But haycobs can also be fed to healthy horses. However, this can only be done as supplementary feed, as this can otherwise result in malnutrition and other diseases for young and healthy horses.

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