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Artificial eyelashes are not only very popular with Hollywood stars, but can also be worn in everyday life. Meanwhile one profits here even from a quite large selection of different, artificial eyelashes.

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Our Top Artificial eyelashes Pick

Scala 5 pairs/set 3D False Eyelashes Messy Cross Thick Natural Fake Eye Lashes Professional Makeup Tips Short False Eye Lashes (L-12)
  • 100% Brand new
  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear
  • For party and daily use
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  • Color: Black Package included: 5 Pairs False Eyelashes

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Artificial eyelashes are generally referred to as “fake lakes”, “false eyelashes” or similar. However, these special beauty products have not only been offered for some time, but for about 30 years. So the ladies world can adorn itself with the many different false eyelashes already for a long time.

Artificial eyelashes are particularly suitable for women who have thin and/or light eyelashes and want to emphasize them more strongly. The application of mascara often leads to unsatisfactory results. For example, with mascara it is very difficult to apply the colour evenly to the lash line. This usually leads to noticeable, large differences that have a disturbing effect. With the help of artificial eyelashes one can counteract here however. With it “woman” makes surely always a good figure, because with false eyelashes the eyes catch positive attention. In addition, they also shape your own face purely optically and of course an incomparable look is also possible.

The term “artificial eyelashes” has established itself, but it is not necessarily always really artificial models. So one finds here beside the actually artificial variants also eyelashes from real hair. This results in a much more natural result than with the actual artificial eyelashes. As a rule, human hair eyelashes are hand-knotted. The individual hairs are usually attached to a high-quality eyelash band. Because of this, human hair eyelashes can normally be worn several times. But no matter whether artificial eyelashes or variants made of human hair are actually used: both variants offer a large selection of different eyelash shapes. When buying, it should be noted that not every eyelash shape necessarily fits every face and every occasion. By the way, artificial eyelashes with a medium length are ideal for everyday use, while in the evening they can also be quite long false eyelashes.

While some models are disposable variants, i.e. can only be worn once, there are also artificial eyelashes which can be used several times without any problem. For this purpose, the eyes are first carefully cleaned. Then take up the lashes with a pair of tweezers and apply special lash glue very thinly. As soon as the lash has dried a little, place the lashes as close as possible to the lash line and press them down lightly and carefully. Now wait until the adhesive is completely dry. If any protruding adhesive residues are visible, a thin eyeliner can help. Afterwards the desired mascara can be applied. In the evening one removes the artificial eyelashes very carefully again. You should not damage them, because you want to use them again. Afterwards, the artificial eyelashes only need to be freed of the mascara and the adhesive. For this purpose it is best to use a commercially available make-up remover. But that was it: the artificial eyelashes are now ready for their next use.

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