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Frankincense is a fragrant tree resin that has been known for thousands of years and is still used today in many religions for cult purposes. The resin was also used for therapeutic purposes for almost as long. However, the importance of incense for medicine was forgotten after the advent of industrially produced medicines. Only in the recent past is incense in the form of resin and oil increased again and used above all in naturopathy.

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Similar to natural rubber and maple syrup, the tree resin is obtained by cutting the trunks and branches of the incense tree. After harvesting, the sticky liquid must be dried in the air to produce the resin. Most of the resin available today comes from India or the Arab world. Incense is offered in three different qualities, the quality of which is mainly determined by the harvest time of the resin. The very dark resin obtained in the first weeks of the harvest was regarded as inferior and discarded until a few years ago. Today also these, mostly very small resin lumps are marketed. Towards the end of the harvest period, which lasts several months, the resin becomes lighter and lighter until it is almost white. The light colour and a size of the resin lumps of approximately 1 cm testify to the highest quality of the incense. In the middle of the harvest, an amber-coloured resin of medium to good quality is obtained. The pure resin content of incense is about 50 to 70 %. A total of up to 10 kg resin per year can be harvested from an incense tree.

Already in ancient Egypt, incense was used in various ritual acts and in the mummification of prominent personalities. Even today, the aromatic fragrant smoke is still used in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church for holy masses and other occasions. In the Catholic faith incense stands for purification and worship and is a sign of the presence of God. But also in the orthodox liturgy, in the oriental liturgy and in the evangelical churches incense has a special meaning and is used in different actions. If you want to get some of the aromatic scent of the incense home, the 100% natural Al Hojari Olibanum incense from Oman is recommended.

The ancient Egyptians were also among the first cultures to use incense as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory in medical applications. The production of ointments for wound treatment was as widespread in Egypt as the use of incense for wound cleansing, digestion problems and respiratory diseases by Greek and Roman doctors. Until the late Middle Ages and beyond, many doctors and naturopaths, such as Hildegard von Bingen, used the positive properties of incense. With the first modern, synthetically produced medicines, incense was forgotten from a medical point of view. It is only in recent years that incense has become increasingly the focus of interest in pharmaceutical research in the wake of the return to naturopathy. More and more new studies are dealing with the different effects of incense on the human body. For followers of natural medicines are therefore already different incense preparations available again. For example, the type Naturals incense oil to improve the blood circulation of the skin. For internal use, the practical capsules with Boswellia serrata, a 100% pure Indian incense, are recommended.

Essential frankincense oil has always been a component of many perfumes and is increasingly used as an effective ingredient in creams and ointments. The essential oil of incense is traditionally extracted from the resin by steam distillation. Indian incense oil is very much in demand because of its fresh smell. Arabic frankincense oil, on the other hand, has a full, heavy and sweet fragrance that gives perfumes a touch of the fairytale world of a thousand and one nights.
No matter whether you want to buy incense to fill your home with a pleasant fragrance, or whether the healing powers of incense are more important, in any case you should pay attention to a 100% purity of the preparations and processing without additives when buying incense products.

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