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In addition to the classic hair gel and hair spray, the mousse has a firm place on the shelf of hair styling products. It is able to hold the hair without making it as rigid as gel or hairspray. However, it is therefore not suitable for every hairstyle and also not for every hair type. It can be used to pursue very specific goals and it is important to assess before buying whether the foam hair setting lotion is suitable for your own purposes at all. In principle, the mousse strengthener is able to provide a “loose” hold. This means that the hair does not lose volume, but can even gain volume if used correctly. It is best suited for longer hair – especially for curls. The point here is to maintain an “upbeat” hold of the hairstyle – it must remain flexible and yet survive the day as such. Depending on the requirements, different degrees of holding can be achieved by the foam setter. The foam setter is always used in the same way. It is put into the hair which is still slightly damp after washing, whereby the hairstyle must already be present in rudimentary form. The substances contained in the hair dryer form a firming and at the same time protective film that supports the hairstyle. Therefore, Schaumfestiger is also very suitable for use with curlers.

If you are faced with the choice of which styling product to choose, it is best to focus on certain criteria that the planned styling brings with it. The first choice is the mousse for hairstyles that have a lot of volume but still need to hold. The strengthener does not press them into a flat form, but forms the basis for the hairstyle. This also benefits problematic hair, where not only the hairstyle is important, but above all the hair itself. If you have fine and thin hair, you can make a completely different visual impression with the targeted use of the mousse conditioner. The fullness and volume of fine and thin hair can be increased by a specifically selected and used mousse. The mousse makes the hair look thicker and stronger. On the other hand, it can also be used to provide curls with the necessary stability. Curls are often recalcitrant and an effective styling product is needed to bring them into the desired shape and keep them in that shape. This can be achieved with foam strengthener.

If you want to use foam strengthener correctly, it is best to read the instructions for use on the back of the can. However, foam strengtheners have important similarities in application. Basically the hair should be washed and already slightly dry. This is called “towel-dried” hair. If you don’t want to wash your hair, you can simply moisten it. This does not have to be under running water, but also works with generously sprayed water (for example with the help of a flower spray). Under no circumstances should the mousse be applied to dry hair, as its special formula cannot unfold its full effect here. The result is a lax and sticky appearance of the hairstyle. The amount depends on the hair length. Basically, the size of a hazelnut is a good guideline for a sufficient amount of mousse for your own hair. This is given into the hair and massaged in. Then the desired hairstyle can be formed. You will then be dry-haired.

Curls and foam strengtheners have a very special relationship to each other. If you have straight hair and want curls, turn the hair after washing on a winder in the desired size. The hair should first be rubbed with mousse. Real small curls become visible with small winders, while large and wide winders mainly provide volume. On the other hand, curls can be smoothed with mousse. Here it is worthwhile to fall back on a special smoothing foam hardener.

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