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If you want to remove your blackheads hygienically, you can’t avoid buying a comedone lifter, often referred to as a comedone squeegee. The application enables the blackhead to be removed in a targeted and even manner without damaging the skin. In addition, bacteria cannot be distributed in this way, which would promote the formation of new impurities. What is a comedon squeezer? A comedon squeezer is a narrow device with a length of approx. 10 centimetres, which is provided with an eyelet at the front. This eyelet is used to express and remove blackheads from the face, so a comedone squeegee is often referred to as a blackhead remover. On the second side there is a sharp tip for piercing and opening the blackhead. Meanwhile there is a large selection in this segment, whereby comedon squeegees are often used in professional cosmetic studios or at the dermatologist. But there is a second variant of the comedone squeezer. This is equipped with a lever that resembles a metal loop. At this lever there is a thigh with a blunt and very small tweezers. During use, this lever must be pressed together, which compresses the legs of the tweezers. Before the blackhead remover can be used, the skin to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned. A washing gel and a peeling are suitable for this. The pores are then opened with steam or heat. You can do this simply by holding your face over a bowl of hot water and a towel for about 5 to 10 minutes. Because the skin is now very soft and the pores are open, blackheads can be removed much more easily. Remove blackheadsBefore using the comedone squeegee, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in disinfectant to prevent bacteria from getting into and onto the skin. Now the eyelet is placed directly over the blackhead by the comedone squeegee, whereby pressure is generated with a downward movement. This process would have to empty the blackhead. After this procedure, clean and disinfect the comedone squeegee with a damp cloth and proceed to the next blackhead. Repeat this procedure until all blackheads have been emptied. Once the skin treatment has been successfully completed, it is best to clean the skin with an antiseptic facial tonic so that all residues are removed and no new blackheads or impurities can form. How can comedones be prevented? In order to avoid having to repeat the treatment with a comedone squeegee so often, preventive measures should be taken to avoid the formation of new blackheads. For example, there are special skin creams that are supposed to prevent blackheads. These are recognizable by the inscription “not comedogenic”. This means that they have no ingredients, which encourages the formation of blackheads. If additional make-up is to be used, oil-free variants are recommended as these do not clog the sebaceous glands. Tips for buyingIf you want to buy a comedone squeegee, you should definitely choose a high-quality model. These can be recognized by stainless steel. High-quality models usually cost around 10 to 20 euros. Since they last many years up to life-long, the price is absolutely in the range. It is also important that the selected model has a handle with a corrugated surface so that it is not so easy to slip by hand. Which loop should the comedone squeegee have? With regard to loop size, there are different models in this segment. The size of the selected loop should always match the size of the blackheads. If you have blackheads of different sizes, you should therefore buy several models in different sizes. Basically, the loop or loop hole should encompass the blackhead as a whole, but should not be significantly larger. If the wrong size is used here, not only is it more difficult to remove the blackhead, but inflammation can also develop more quickly.

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