Best Washbowl

  • Dimension: 11-3/4 inch x 3-1/2 inch h
  • Made in Japan
  • Dishpan; White
  • Perfect for household tasks such as soaking laundry or doing...
  • Fits easily in a single or double sink
  • Durable polypropylene resists fading, cracking, warping and...
  • Easy to clean
  • 12" in diameter
  • Folding Washing Basin folding Size:11.4"x10"x1.6",Pop-up...
  • Multiple use, perfect basin to wash breast pump parts at...
  • Quality sturdy basin, Break resistant, anti-dust.
  • 【MULTI-PURPOSE】Convenient wash basin for adults and kids...
  • 【MATERIAL】The round washing bucket is made of...
  • 【SAVING SPACE】The light weight plastic washtub is easy...
  • Strong, cute and delicate wash basins
  • Fresh color, durable plastic
  • Size: 12" x 12" x 4.5"

Our Top Washbowl Pick

Inomata Japanese Plastic Basin Tub Leaf Series White
  • Dimension: 11-3/4 inch x 3-1/2 inch h
  • Made in Japan

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The washing of hands or small laundry requires the presence of a practical storage. A single wash bowl can be used to cover several areas of application at the same time because the model can be used very individually. The history of washing bowls goes back a long way. In former times, when the supply of running water from the tap still stood in the stars, people washed themselves out of a bowl or cleaned their laundry or even their dishes in it. Earlier models of the wash bowl were made of porcelain, ceramics or metal. While it was customary in the noble and middle-class households to use artistically decorated models made of the best porcelain or ceramics for washing and cleaning, enamel washing bowls were mostly used in the households of workers and farmers. From the 1950s, with the triumph of plastic, washing bowls were made almost exclusively from this material. Today many nostalgia fans collect the wash bowls of earlier centuries again and integrate them into their modernised bathrooms, for example as a modern wash place.

Above all, the plastic wash bowls are available in many sizes and numerous colours. The smaller variants are about 20 cm in diameter, larger models can sometimes be 50 to 100 cm in size. The wash bowls made of ceramic or porcelain, which are also available again, have a span width of approximately 30 cm to 60 cm. Today, washbowls are also available in metal such as stainless steel or even copper. These two models are usually integrated into bathrooms or kitchens. Wash bowls are now available in round and square versions. The models made of plastic are equipped with a downward drawn edge.

Where the required wash bowl is purchased also depends on the purpose of the model. If you need the bowl for cleaning your dishes during your camping holiday or for washing your small clothes, you will usually want to use a plastic model. These products are available in department stores and discount markets, in cheap markets or on the Internet. Wash bowls for use in bathrooms can be purchased from interior decorators or DIY stores as well as on the Internet.

Although the plastic models tend to be in the low-price segment, it is still important to ensure that the products are of good quality so that you don’t have to buy them all the time. The situation is somewhat different with bowls for the bathroom or kitchen. Since these models are usually integrated directly into the bathroom or kitchen furniture range, it is important to choose a wash bowl that will look like new for many years to come. For ceramic or porcelain models, the bowls must therefore have a high-quality glaze so that hot water or caustic liquids do not damage the glaze.

So when you buy a wash bowl, it is important to know what its intended use is. If, for example, you want to be on the safe side when buying on the Internet because you are looking for a higher-priced model for the bathroom or kitchen, you can take a closer look at the ratings of other buyers on certain pages. There you can usually find information about the quality of the workmanship and the glaze or important information about the service or the shipping and payment conditions of the seller. Alternatively, this information can also be obtained from a retailer for advice. Where exactly the new wash bowl is bought is then a matter of taste. Or a question of the purse, because many models are cheaper on the Internet or are even offered for sale.

TOP 5 Washbowl Bestseller

Inomata Japanese Plastic Basin Tub Leaf Series White
  • Dimension: 11-3/4 inch x 3-1/2 inch h
  • Made in Japan
YBM HOME Round Plastic Wash Basin (1148 11.25", Light Blue)
  • ROUND PLASTIC WASH BASIN,Size of Basin: The very bottom middle is approximately 9-1/2" wide and widens up to 11-1/4" Depth 5"
  • Use it for Cleaning Floors, Hand washing delicate cloths & more.
  • Use it as a Dish Pan, laundry Pan, Cleaning Pail & More.
  • Great for Washing Dishes, Soaking Laundry, shampoo basin and performing other household tasks.
Sterilite White 12Qt Dishpan
  • Dishpan; White
  • Perfect for household tasks such as soaking laundry or doing the dishes
  • Fits easily in a single or double sink
  • Heavy duty construction
SAMMART 7.7L (2 Gallon) Collapsible Tub - Foldable Dish Tub - Portable Washing Basin - Space Saving Plastic Washtub (Grey, S)
  • BPA Free. User friendly by simply pop-up to open when using and collapses to flat for space saving.
  • Space saving with Expanded size: 13 x 11.4 x 5.75(h) inches and its height just 1.6 inches after folds, save over 70% space when storage. Capacity: 7.7L (2 Gallon)
  • Perfect for icing beverages, washing dishes and also outdoor uses, such as camping, BBQ and campsite cleanup.
  • Non-slip design at the bottom keeping the dishpan steady and firmly.
  • Hanging hole for easy hanging on the wall
Multi-Purpose Folding Collapsible Wash Basin for Kids and Babies Lightweight Portable Basin for Washing Breast Pump Parts and Home Kitchen Bowl Outdoor Camping Use (Light Blue)
  • Folding Washing Basin folding Size:11.4"x10"x1.6",Pop-up Size:11.4"x10"x4"
  • Multiple use, perfect basin to wash breast pump parts at home/office or to wash baby’s face mouth foot and to refresh him/her whenever wherever he/she has a messy spit up or pee/poop. It’s portable and lightweight. It can also be used as large kitchen bowl at home or for outdoor camping use.
  • Quality sturdy basin, Break resistant, anti-dust.
  • Easy to clean, store and portable easy carry with in bags.
  • Made from durable materials PP/TPE soft silicone,BPA-Free