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Pony hairstyles were and are a hip hairstyle trend. This hairstyle got its name because it reminds of the mane of a horse. A pony hairstyle can be worn with both short, medium and long hair. A pony hairstyle is always a quick and trendy solution when there is a desire for a new hairstyle and/or to hide a high forehead. Pony’s not just pony. Who decides for this hairstyle, can decide between different variants. A pony can be worn as a full pony, stripe pony, lateral wave pony (hair roll lateral), diagonal pony, pony roll, curl pony, hair roll, French pony, fringe pony and as an outer wave pony.

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If you want to wear a pony hairdo for a change, you don’t have to have your hair cut off right away. With a pony hairpiece, everyone can create a pony with just a few movements that looks real and not artificial. The selected Pony hairpiece is simply attached to the crown with several clips. Who decides for a Pony hairpiece, saves the waiting time and the money for the hairdresser.

Pony hair parts are made of real and artificial hair. By the appearance a pony hair part made of artificial hair cannot be distinguished from a hair part made of human hair. A Pony hairpiece made of human hair has the advantage that it can be straightened, curled, cut and dyed and is not conspicuous due to its natural appearance. A Pony hairpiece made of real hair, for example the product PRETTYSHOP Real Hair Pony is more durable and costs more than a product made of synthetic hair, for example the model Dense Pony by Neitsi. The time required for a human hair pony hairpiece is higher than the care of a pony hairpiece made of artificial hair. Synthetic hair does not tolerate the effects of heat and must therefore neither be smoothed nor curled. Therefore, with a pony hair part made of synthetic hair, for example the clip-in pony by Wig me up, the pony hairstyle cannot be varied afterwards

The new Pony hairpiece should wear perfectly to the hair color of the buyer, so that it does not attract attention. If the Pony hairpiece is to be dyed, a product made of human hair must be selected. Furthermore it should be already considered before the purchase which variant of a pony should be bought. The pony hairpiece is fastened in the own hair. The hair extensions are either equipped with clips for this purpose. Some hairpieces are attached to the hair with hair clips, such as the Fringe Pony Hair Extension from CeXin

A human hair pony hairpiece should be washed at intervals of two to four weeks in lukewarm water. If you have chosen a product made of synthetic hair, you should only wash your hairpiece with cold water. Only a special shampoo for second hair, for example the product Ellen Wille Hair Power Shampoo, should be used for washing. A special hair balm should also be used for the after-treatment of a Pony hairpiece. Under no circumstances should the hairpiece be kneaded or rubbed during care or washing, but only gently swivelled in the water

Thin hair is no longer a problem with a hairpiece. A pony hair piece quickly creates the desired volume in the hair. Another advantage is that a Pony hairpiece is not a disposable product, but the extension can be used many times. The pony hairpiece is only worn during the day. A pony hairpiece is also the perfect solution for all people who want to try out whether a pony suits them at all before they have their hair cut.

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