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Kitchen utensils

In the old days, only manually operated, simple hand tools were used in the kitchen. Today, the housewife, the househusband or the hobby chef have a wealth of electrically operated kitchen appliances to make their work easier. They are each designed for special applications. Coffee machines have long been standard equipment in a kitchen. In the classic variant, they are semi-automatic filter machines. Other variants are combi vending machines, which can also be used to produce espresso. Pure sieve carrier espresso machines, on the other hand, are mainly found in the catering trade. Increasingly popular are coffee pad machines, capsule machines and milk frothers. In the simplest case, tea makers are special teapots with filters. More comfortable are samovars, which keep the tea warm for a longer period of time and offer the highest comfort fully automatic tea machines. Common kitchen appliances and in many kitchens are also kettles and toasters. Also widely used are special appliances such as deep fryers and stand-/rod-mixers. Microwave ovens are suitable for the quick preparation of food. Allesschneider were originally only common in canteen kitchens, but are now also offered for private households. Steam cookers play an important role for health-conscious people. Cake baking is facilitated by cake machines or hand mixers and waffle irons and crêpes machines are also available. Suitable devices for social occasions are fondues and raclettes as well as electric grills. Other useful appliances are egg cookers, bread baking machines, meat grinders, ice cream machines, boiling machines and juicers. A space-saving alternative to stoves is offered by hobs as hobs, induction hobs or ceramic hobs. And if you would like to make your own pasta, you can do it with a pasta machine.