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Europe’s largest video cube was inaugurated in 2016. On four screens without borders, viewers have the best view of the action. There is no less than 76.37 sqm available per side. Bigger than some flats where 42-inch TVs are popular. That alone makes a screen diagonal of 107 cm

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Television & Home Cinema: 42 inch television Video Guide

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The designations for a television set already claim entire pages in the operating instructions, so they are marked with abbreviations on the packaging. Full-HD might be a common name, but at 4k at the latest many people don’t know what it means anymore, after all, the user just wants to watch TV comfortably. But the simple reproduction of films, documentaries, series or sporting events alone is no longer enough. The TV world is smart and not only knows the current TV programme, but also analyses user behaviour and offers selected programme events. So if you watch football or your favourite soap again and again, you often get suggestions from the same TV category. The display is done by means of LED lights, which are of course not visible at first glance. This depends on the resolution, which should not be less than 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, with an upward trend. LED has a major advantage over previous models, the reproduction of different colors by an LED. This makes the image displayed much more intense and, above all, more realistic. Although the technology is unlikely to become more widespread in the future, many 42-inch TVs include 3D technology. However, this requires 3D glasses, which are supplied by most suppliers when buying a new TV. If not, you can buy them in any specialist shop. Why do moving images in 3D not prevail? This is simply due to the film industry, which offers too few films in 3D or too few scenes within a film or documentation. Production was too expensive and too cumbersome. In the case of a 42-inch TV, quality is ultimately what counts. A good workmanship, a very narrow edge or even the abandonment of an offline edge, options such as movie recording, coupling with game consoles, SD slot, WLan connection, sound system and picture-in-picture display

The most frequently purchased TV sets in this category come from Asia, where high-quality products are manufactured with less financial outlay. LG, for example, comes from South Korea and offers 42-inch TVs with a stand and a hanging device for wall mounting. Hisense is a Chinese manufacturer that has established itself on the European market. Samsung is one of the major well-known brands that enrich the TV market with innovative technology. Panasonic and Sony are from Japan. Only a few competitors from Europe, such as Grundig from Germany and Philips from the Netherlands, have smaller market shares in this segment

The distance to the television is very important for a very good view. The distances depend on the size of a television set, for a 42-inch TV the following distances apply – depending on the quality of the presentations:

Contents in SD format require a distance of 2.77 m for an eye-protecting view. If the contents are displayed in full HD, the distance should be 1.66 m and with a 4k resolution still 0.83 m.

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Best 42 inch television
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