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Listening to music, recording, composing and editing – these are all activities that belong in the field of audio & hi-fi. To be able to do this, electronic devices are needed with which all this is possible. HIFI, translated High Fidelity, belongs to the field of consumer electronics. This refers to electronic devices and equipment with which music can be listened to and edited at home using audio playback devices. Audio comes from Latin and means to hear translated. It has to do with human hearing and sound technology. Audio playback devices are usually loudspeakers of all kinds. There are audio and hi-fi devices for the home, the car and especially for the computer

Compact, powerful, modern

Audio & amp; hifi for the computer is now just as powerful as with high-quality stereo systems. This is especially important for friends of PC games, in order to achieve the most realistic possible soundscape. Since composing and playing music on the computer is becoming more and more important, the speakers are equipped with many extra functions such as subwoofer, powerful configuration system and integrated satellite connections

Loudspeakers for use on hi-fi systems are usually compact and have all the technical features a good loudspeaker needs. Such surround speaker systems no longer have to be placed on the floor or on a table, you can even mount them on the wall.