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A diffuser is an attachment for a corresponding hair dryer. This round attachment, which is much larger in diameter than the air outlet of the hair dryer, contains numerous holes and different pimples, the tips of which are rounded. With the perforated and larger base of the diffuser, you have the advantage that the air of this hair dryer is better distributed. This means that blow-drying is no longer as harmful to the hair as it used to be. The tips and studs on the diffuser are there for styling the hair. The diffuser also provides a pleasant head massage when blow-drying. First and foremost, the hairdryer attachment is used by people with curly or curly hair. However, even women who have straight hair have the possibility to create great waves or curls with the diffuser.

Using the diffuser to dry the tips, the lengths and the hair on the head. Now you start to guide the diffuser with a corresponding circular movement over your scalp. Then work your way up to the hair lengths until the tips are reached. Then you place them on the respective diffuser. Meanwhile, blow the hair dryer from below into the tips of the hair. In order to give the curls or waves more elasticity, the hair on the diffuser is lifted from below and pressed against the head. For a lot of volume in the appropriate approach, blow-dry the hair upside down. For this, the head is bent forward so that the hair hangs downwards. The diffuser is then moved over the back of the head with circular movements.

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Simply dry the hair and apply a styling product. After the hair has been washed and cared for as usual, it is carefully pressed out with a towel. Do not rub your hair on it under any circumstances. They can dry more quickly, but it damages the wet hair because it is especially sensitive in the wet state. Once the hair has dried slightly so that it doesn’t drip any more, the right product for styling is added to the hair. This product, which is especially suitable for well defined curls or soft waves, should contain heat protection. Once this product has been worked excellently into the hair, it is possible to start styling. This diffuser is placed on the hair dryer for this purpose. It is switched on at a medium or low heat level so that it does not become too hot under any circumstances.

Use of the diffusor with straight hairThe hair dryer with diffusor can by no means only be used when there are already waves or curls in the hair. Even straight hair can be curled in this way. To achieve this, you should use a suitable styling article such as a mousse, which is particularly suitable for curls. However, it is important not to use too much of this styling product because it can weigh down the hair. This makes the curls that have been worked into the curl pull smooth again very quickly. With straight hair, the process is the same as with curly or curly hair.

Styling with dry hair If you want to style the hair with the diffuser, they should not be completely dry. However, it is sufficient to spray them slightly wet. Even an incorporated styling article, such as a styling fluid or a mousse, is often enough. The procedure is always the same. The result is the difference to styling with wet hair. This is often by no means as convincing as this one with damp hair. However, you can define existing curls better or simply create a great volume in the hair.

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