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The jojoba oil bears the botanical name Simmondsia Chinensis and is made from the seeds of the fruits of the jojoba bush. This versatile shrub originally comes from the American Sonora Desert, which runs through Arizona, California and Mexico. In addition, the shrub thrives on very dry soils in Argentina, Australia, Israel and Peru. Although it is called jojoba oil, it is not actually an oil, but a liquid wax. If you attach great importance to high quality jojoba oil, you should take care to choose the natural and cold-pressed version. It is free of chemical additives and has an extremely long shelf life. In comparison to other oils it does not get a rancid note with increasing age due to its wax form.

Jojoba oil and its versatile usesJojoba oil is widely used in body care as it strengthens the skin, hair and nails and makes them more resistant. It leads to more moisture and smoothness in the hair, as it is strengthened by the hair follicles. In this way, the hair can grow healthy, radiant and strong. When used in skin care, jojoba oil stabilizes the fat and moisture content of the human skin and thus improves its elasticity. The high content of vitamin E counteracts premature skin aging and strengthens the connective tissue. This allows the skin to better protect itself against dry heating air, cold and sun. Due to its mild properties, it is well suited for removing make-up, especially around the eyes. The wide variety of products in jojoba oil The best thing about jojoba oil is its biological quality, as it still contains all its beneficial ingredients. At Amazon the following high-quality product variants are available at an affordable price:- Jojoba oil gold, 100% pure cold-pressed oil- Art Naturals, 100% pure, untouched, cold-pressed, unrefined and organic Jojoba oil (with practical pipette for better dosage)- InstaNatural Jojoba oil, 100% pure and certified organic- Bergland Bio-Jojoba oil- Wunder-Schön Jojoba oil, 100% purest organic quality (in practical dispenser)

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The properties of jojoba oilThe bright yellow jojoba oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids as well as in vitamin E. Due to its consistency, the liquid wax is not greasy and is quickly absorbed by the skin and hair. The smell is discreet and goes in the neutral direction, therefore the Jojoba oil is very versatile applicable. As it is extremely similar to the skin’s own waxes, it can be absorbed quickly by the skin. In contrast to many other skin oils, which remain on the skin as an oily shimmer long after application. If the jojoba oil is extremely light to colourless, then this product is of inferior quality. This variant allows the conclusion to be drawn that further processing is necessary, up to and including refining, in which the ingredients lose their effectiveness.

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