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Anyone who has ever tried a new hair colour knows that not every hair colour is actually suitable for their own hair type. Therefore, it makes sense to use a mild hair colouring agent to remove the colour if the hair colour is wrong.

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Whenever you have accidentally mistaken your new hair colour, you no longer have to hide or leave the house with just a cap. Today, hair catastrophes can be easily repaired with a decolouriser. Such products can easily be used at home and are not as expensive as a visit to the hairdresser. The decolorizer is used similarly to the hair colorant. Only that no paint is applied, but pulled out. A decolouriser should be applied for between 30 and 60 minutes. This ensures that the molecules of the hair colour have shrunk sufficiently. They can easily be washed out after the application time. The manufacturer of a hair colorant promises that such a product can also be used several times a month. But one should be very careful here. After all, permanent dyeing alone is not really advantageous for the hair. The hair structure is stressed too much so that the hair no longer looks healthy but rather brittle.

Hair discolourers can be the last resort in an emergency in the event of an accident involving hair dyeing. They work quickly and easily and restore the natural hair colour. However, it is necessary that the information provided by the manufacturer is strictly adhered to. Otherwise it could happen that the hair is not removed evenly or not at all. Against the claim in advertising, the product should not be used too often. If the correct hair colour was used for dyeing, but the hair colour appears too strong, for example due to too long an exposure time, then milder remedies can be used. A hair treatment with chamomile or the frequent use of anti-dandruff shampoos is advisable. These shampoos have the advantage that a light peeling removes the hair color from the hair. Aspirin can also help to free hair from a wrong hair colour. This home remedy is ideal for blond hair. One tablet should be dissolved in 500 ml and poured over the hair. A Hair Colour Remover, on the other hand, not only weakens the colour slightly, but removes it completely. The principle of this decolorization is very simple.

When dyeing or tinting, certain hair molecules are added to the hair. This gives the hair a permanently different colour. These molecules are removed by a hair discolourer, so that the old colour reappears. Many remedies do not contain any harmful ingredients, but are also used for hair care. They are provided with some Japanese silk, which makes the hair beautifully soft and supple. Anyone who buys such a high-quality hair colorant will receive a product that is also used by hair stylists. With the help of a hair colorizer, the professionals can quickly and easily change the style of the models’ hair and remove too intensive hair colors.

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