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Beautiful and well-groomed hands always reflect a personal sense of style. They visually perfect each individual look and underline the feminine traits of each woman in a very special way. The main focus is on the fingernails. They should be perfectly filed and lacquered. However, nails are not the same, because only healthy nails can be optimally brought into shape. Even fingernails need a certain amount of care to ensure both elasticity and resistance. Brittle or unkempt nails tear or break off quickly. Lack of moisture or nutrients is often the cause of this cosmetic problem. So if you want to decorate yourself with attractive and natural nails, you should eat a healthy diet first and foremost

In addition, special nail hardeners are considered indispensable to optically complete the perfect appearance. A high quality nail hardener prevents fragile and brittle fingernails and makes the nail surface more resistant. Nail hardeners are offered for sale by many different cosmetic manufacturers. Most products consist of formaldehyde, which enters the cells immediately after application. It is a chemical process that first loosens the nail and then strengthens it. In addition, numerous vitamin and care complexes make the nail healthier in the long term. Calcium seals the nail surface and thus protects against harmful environmental influences. Some products have an additional regenerating effect on the horny layer. Of course, pure vegetable nail hardeners are also offered for sale

They are based on silicon and bamboo oil. These products also have a sustainable and caring effect at the same time. Some nail hardeners can also be used as top coat and thus make the practical use even more attractive. Here the important protein molecules are restored. A nail hardener is, so to speak, a protective varnish for nails. It can be used both once or as part of a cure over several days. Already after the first application smaller cracks are repaired and the structure of the nail is strengthened. At first glance, nail hardeners look like clear varnish. Also the application takes place with the small brush, which is integrated, like with a nail varnish or a clear varnish in the screw cap

The nail hardener is applied directly to the cleaned nails. To achieve the best results, the cuticle can be rubbed with any kind of grease cream before the treatment. Depending on your preference, a colour varnish can then be applied. No matter whether nail hardener alone or in combination with a color varnish, both can be solved easily with simple nail varnish removers. A nail hardener is definitely worth using to strengthen thin nails and to protect them from deformation or to make applied varnish more durable. Who decides now for a nail hardener, can decide between many different products of considerable manufacturers individually. One of the top sellers in this category is the Herome Nail Hardener Extra Strong

It is specially designed for soft and thin nails and guarantees hard and firm nails. But the Microcell 2000 Nail Repair femme/women is also on the favourites list of fashion-conscious women. Also this nail hardener provides for firm and strong nails, which can be seen everywhere. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener is a top product from the USA. This professional nail care is suitable for every type of nail and belongs to the ultra-modern care products. The 3-step care program strengthens growth, the nail and helps against nail breakage. All nail hardeners of the category of the same name are provided with detailed and informative product descriptions. Who decides for a nail hardener, can provide already in few days with attractive and maintained nails for the perfect appearance.

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Best Nail hardener
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