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Fissures are small linear tears of the skin, mainly in the feet. Not infrequently, the fissures are accompanied by the formation of cornea. There are different causes for the development of the skin changes, whereby the dry fissures always develop, however, also in combination with the too dry skin. If the small cracks in the foot skin appear only in the areas with the strong Hornaut formation, then many of them can be treated very well with the corneal ointment. However, fissures can also occur in foot areas without the cornea. No matter if fissures without or with cornea, the special fissures ointments are always the best choice. The fissure ointments are always a proven remedy to prevent the formation of fissures and to eliminate the unpleasant fissures. The ointments can be used at home and are freely available in pharmacies and drugstores. If, however, there is a possibility that the fissures are a side effect of serious illnesses, then medical clarification of the causes is absolutely advisable. In the case of inflamed fissures, medical clarification is also very important. It is important that the application of fissure ointments should be regular, but otherwise it is simple.

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The small skin cracks mainly occur when the skin is too dry. The fissures are always crevice-shaped and in a bad case they can even reach down to the deeper skin layers. Not infrequently, painful inflammations are also caused. The accompanying symptoms also include reddening of the skin and itching. This is also the reason why the ointments of fissures work in two ways. On the one hand, they have a caring effect on dry and cracked skin and there are also skin-soothing active ingredients in most products, so that the annoying side effects such as redness and itching are alleviated. The ointments are generally available from many different manufacturers and are partly composed of different ingredients. Panthenol or urea are available as ointments to regulate the moisture balance of the hat. In addition, the combination of the two ingredients is often also possible. Panthenol also promotes cell division and regeneration in the affected areas of the skin. The ointment also provides relief from the unpleasant effects of fissures and it has a soothing effect on the skin. In addition, essential oils, lanolin, hyaluronic acid or glycerine restore the natural moisture content of the skin and thus the skin can be supple and elastic again at the end. Many of the ointments also contain anti-inflammatory active ingredients, such as the camomile active ingredient bisabolol. The fissure ointments can be used to protect the feet against fissure formation. In addition, the ointments can also be used to effectively combat existing fissures. The commercial ointments are intended for domestic use. Medical treatment by a doctor is very advisable if there is already inflammation. If, however, the fissures are not inflamed, they can be treated at home with the appropriate fissures ointment without hesitation. The ointments can be applied twice a day to an affected area of the skin. It is best if a treatment is carried out before going to bed. A contamination of the bed linen can be prevented by socks. The duration of treatment generally depends on how quickly the fissures heal. If there is a tendency to fissure or if a treatment has already been carried out, fissure ointments are always suitable as a regular and preventive measure. The ointments are also used for the prevention of fissures, then always applied thinly to the appropriate skin areas. In the case of ointments, one or two applications per week are sufficient. Whether for prevention or treatment of existing fissures, the ointments are always applied to the cleansed skin.

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