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Foot odour is very unpleasant for most of those affected, but despite all the hygienic measures it is not always possible to avoid it. The shoes are also quickly affected. A shoe deodorant can help here, because it brings the freshness back into the shoes and lets the feet smell pleasantly. The deodorant is particularly interesting for people who sweat excessively and therefore tend to sweat feet.

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The main task of the shoe deodorant is to eliminate the perspiration resulting from the sweaty feet, which can occur in various situations. These include, for example, hot or long days, sporting activities, wearing non-breathable shoes or a general tendency to sweaty feet. Genetic predisposition also plays an important role. The foot skin has twice as many sweat glands as the skin in the other parts of the body. The annoying smell of sweat develops as the bacteria on the surface of the skin decompose the sweat. The bacterium responsible for this is called Brevibacterium epidermis. This converts the triglycerides on the skin into fatty acids, which produce the acidic, cheesy smell.

The shoe deodorant eliminates unpleasant odours and also makes an important contribution to foot health due to its disinfectant and fungicidal effect. The shoe deodorant also has an antiperspirant effect, so that the moisture of the feet is reduced. The use of a shoe deodorant prevents the formation and spread of bacteria and fungi in the shoe. If you are embarrassed to ask for a shoe deodorant in a shoe shop and want to avoid pejorative or mocking looks, you can order the shoe deodorant online. We recommend the following bestseller number 1:

Thanks to its antibacterial formula, Bama Shoe Fresh neutralises unpleasant odours in the shoes and thus promotes hygiene. The smell of shoes is not simply covered up. The dermatologically tested shoe deodorant is effective for up to two days. It is therefore a perfect companion in everyday life, because it acts as a kind of freshness cure for the shoes.

After wearing, ideally in the evening, the shoes are sprayed inside with the shoe deodorant using a pump sprayer. The shoe spray can achieve its greatest possible effect overnight due to the long exposure time. In this way, the shoes can be freed from unpleasant odours. However, it is also possible to treat them with deodorant at other times of the day. However, the shoes must dry before being put on. With the help of fragrances, the smell is greatly reduced or even completely prevented. This makes it possible to take the shoes off again at any time and without hesitation. In summer the shoe deodorant can be placed in the refrigerator and sprayed on shortly before the shoes are put on.

It is recommended to choose a shoe deodorant without propellant. When purchasing, the pump sprayer should therefore be preferred to an aerosol spray. The pump atomizer works without propellant gases, because the shoe deodorant is only conveyed by the pumping movement. This has the advantage that the product is more environmentally friendly. In addition, a pump sprayer cannot explode, which is possible with an aerosol can that has been lying in the sun for too long, for example.

An unpleasant shoe smell does not automatically indicate sweaty feet. Textile materials used in sneakers, for example, store the moisture that the feet release throughout the day. Thus they offer an optimal environment for fungi and bacteria. A shoe deodorant can help.

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