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Over a long period of time, the somewhat wider personal computers dominated everyday life. They usually consist of at least two units, a large monitor and the tower. In the meantime, notebooks have long since assumed the leading role in many worlds. In this context, we are sometimes talking about a laptop or, in some cases, a folding computer. It is a special design of a personal computer. The laptop has a flush-mounted integration of a keyboard within a flat, rectangular building. A similarly large screen is attached to it, which is distinguished by its mobility. In this way it is possible to fold up without any problems. This has a positive effect on the portable character of the laptop, so that it can be used from any location. As laptops become more powerful, personal computers have lost some of their market share.

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Television & Home Cinema: 3D Notebook Video Guide

There are models that include interfaces such as a combination socket, a power supply and the docking connector. Optionally the equipment with Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit or Windows 10 is possible. The display is characterized by the LED backlight, which appears to be free of shine. These models partly communicate via WLAN, FingerPrint, Bluetooth and without WebCam. Sometimes there is a hard disk with a capacity of 320 gigabytes. The integrated stereo speakers and microphone are available for an optimal sound experience. Some notebooks present an illuminated keyboard as a special element

Among these notebooks are rugged models that are optimally designed for professional work on the go. With a size of 15.6 inches there is a size of about 39.6 centimeters. Of course, the majority of these models are equipped with Windows 10 and many laptops have integrated processors with a maximum clock frequency of 2.4 gigahertz. In addition to main memory, the notebooks are characterized by internal memory of 1,000 gigabytes. So there is a lot of space for videos, pictures and music. In addition, some 15.6-inch models have a DVD+/-RW SuperMulti drive. In addition to WLAN capability, the notebook has connectivity options such as VGA and USB.

Some notebooks are powered by a 2 gigahertz processor. Integrated in some models is a graphics card with a two gigabyte graphics memory. Some notebooks can therefore easily handle complex tasks. These models have a screen diagonal of almost 44 centimetres. Hard disks as large as 1,000 gigabytes allow large amounts of data to be stored, including high-resolution photos. Further accents are set by the laptops with ports such as HDMI, sometimes the ultra-fast USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. The operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Home is pre-installed to a large extent in many notebooks. All notebooks have the advantage that they can be reached anywhere. Thus the answering of important inquiries is possible even on business trips, since a mobile accessibility is given. At the same time, life becomes more independent, since operation is carried out via a rechargeable battery.

TOP 5 3D Notebook Bestseller

Unicorn - 4" x 6" 3D Notebook
  • Stunning 3D Unicorn Notebook - 4" x 6"
Snow Wolf - 4" x 6" 3D Notebook - Artgame
  • Incredible 3D Snow Wolf Notebook - 4" x 6"
Dolphin Jumpers - 4" x 6" 3D Notebook - Artgame
  • 3D notebook by Artgame
  • Measures 4"x6" (inches)
  • 8MM ruled lined
  • 120 pages/60 sheets
  • Spiral twin wired bound

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