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Every owner of a beamer should have a matching bag. This is not always included in the scope of delivery, but fulfils extremely practical purposes. The beamer bag usually consists of a robust material, so that it is optimally suited for the safe transport of the sensitive beamer. In the following report everything worth knowing is explained and tips are given on what to pay attention to when buying.

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The bag offers enough space for the beamer, but often also for accessories. The aim is to ensure that the beamer is safely stowed and transported without suffering any damage. Inside the bag is padded to protect the beamer optimally. The beamer bag is particularly suitable for mini beamers or devices that are used for business. After all, these specimens are primarily intended for mobile use and should always be well protected. Thanks to the robustness that most models have, they have a long service life. This applies, for example, to the following beamer bag:

This high-quality beamer bag from the renowned manufacturer Hama is padded all around and has a variable interior division and other features: a front pocket outside, a document compartment on the back of the bag, two large, variable additional pads with a Velcro fastener, a padded carrying handle and a removable shoulder strap. The removable Velcro inner divider and the large zipped mesh pocket for accessories, which serves to protect the device surface, are also advantageous. The velcro tape inside the bag conveniently secures and fixes the beamer so that it does not slip around. Hama has designed the interior of the beamer bag very flexible. The bag can be adapted to the size of the beamer. It is padded all around so that it ideally protects the beamer from shocks or vibrations during transport. The metal border provides stability. The dimensions of the beamer bag are: 27 x 39 x 15 cm.

When choosing the beamer bag there are some things to consider. Since perhaps not only the beamer should be accommodated in the bag, but also various accessories such as cable and remote control, it is very important that it has appropriate internal dimensions and sufficient pockets. Ideally, the interior can be flexibly adjusted. This makes it possible to divide up the space yourself and the beamer then fits in perfectly depending on the size. The wearing comfort also plays a role in the selection, because the bag should be comfortable and lie comfortably on the body, without pressing, constricting etc..

Whether for home cinema, presentations in the office or film screenings, beamers are an integral part of many people’s everyday lives. However, it is important to store and transport the useful device safely and well protected so that it is not damaged. A beamer bag is perfect for this, because it was specially developed for it and meets the requirements. It has sufficient dimensions, is padded in the appropriate places and is therefore the ideal bag to safely stow the beamer. Thanks to the use of robust materials, the beamer bag convinces with a long durability.

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