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  • Flower Storage
  • Set of 2 Storage Bins - 11 x 10.5 x 10.5 each
  • Features a lavender purple and grey watercolor floral print
  • Spot clean only
  • Classic whiskey barrel planter in a Distressed Oak finish...
  • Uv coated finish protects color from fading
  • Lightweight and durable high density resin construction
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  • ★ LOCK YOUR BOX! - Box comes with a lock and key for added...
  • ★ ORGANIZE YOUR BOX - Comes with a glass jar, grinder, and...
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For thousands of years people have been using artificial irrigation systems all over the world to facilitate the cultivation of crops. Just think of the famous Chinese rice fields. So it is not surprising that the advantages of artificial Bewässerungssystemen have now also found in the ornamental plants in the apartment and balcony. A common and straightforward method that anyone can apply themselves are flower boxes with water storage. It does not need expensive accessories or a gardener education.

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Especially in the hot summer months, this irrigation method can make a great deal of work easier. Depending on the type of plants, it is necessary in summer to water one or even two times a day. For example, the popular petunias are known to have a lot of watering. Not everyone can and does not want to do that, and nowadays you do not necessarily have to. For someone who does not want to give up lush flowers but still does not want to drag the watering can once or twice a day, flower boxes with water storage are an investment that you should think about at least once. Even if you travel for a few days, not every flower buddy wants to entrust the care of his beloved charges to another person, either out of concern for watering mistakes or simply because you do not want to give anyone outside the family the key to their apartment. Even with your own illness, artificial irrigation can be very relieving. Flower boxes with water storage ensure reliable, even watering over several days, depending on the chosen system. Another advantage arises with back complaints. As the lifting of the heavy watering can quickly becomes a burden. It is not always possible to use a garden hose, especially on balconies this makes little sense. With a large number of plants to be watered, even a small and therefore lighter watering can is not an alternative that is used with pleasure because of frequent refilling. A flower box with water storage is the more practical solution. But the potential benefits go even further. Flower boxes with water storage can make it possible to make better use of plant rooms at overhead height, because especially flowers in hanging piles or very tall boxes are often mistreated, because you do not want to climb onto a chair every time to check the soil. It is often poured for feeling, which can quickly lead to over-or undersupply of the charges and in the worst case their loss. With a flower box with water storage, this problem is noticeably reduced.

The operation of a flower box with water storage follows the laws of physics. By principle, most models work very similar. They consist of an outer and an inner box, which are put together. The inner serves as a planter, the outer as a water reservoir. Depending on the model, the storage can hold up to several liters of water. A level indicator provides information on when to refill. The fertilizer is added as usual either in liquid form to the irrigation water or in granular or chopsticks form in relation to the earth. So that the plants do not stand with the roots in the water and it comes to waterlogging and root rot, there are spacers between the two boxes. At the same time, the irrigation of the inner flower box takes place via these. Using various materials, the water is directed upwards into the plant substrate. These may be flowstrips, other fibers or special substrates. Due to the natural capillary forces, the water is transported upwards and gradually seeps into the ground. So the flower box with water reservoir ensures an even humidity without rotten the roots. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have regular control of the soil in case of too high humidity or dryness. In most cases, the leaves and flowers also provide information in the daily visual inspection by suddenly hanging or even falling off. As a rule of thumb: For most ornamental plants too high humidity is more dangerous than dryness. If in doubt, you should rather water a bit too little than a little too much.

There are models without inner box, which are usually cheaper. The only thing that sets them apart from the ordinary water-storage planter is the conical pins on their bottom. Important: If you buy such a box, the tips of the cones usually have to be cut off beforehand, as these serve as an overflow if you have poured too much. From the manufacturer, they are usually still closed. Without expiration it comes with these models easily to waterlogging. Experienced flower lovers therefore fill a drainage layer of clay granules in flower boxes without an inner box that reaches just below the level of the drain hole before they fill the earth. This then releases the water evenly to the ground and reduces the risk of root rot. For people with little experience with water storage systems, flower boxes with inner box, however, are easier to use than those without, as any errors in the care are easier to correct, for example, in the case of massive moisture flowers easily in fresh soil. But this should rather be the exception, since flower boxes with water storage when used properly can hardly lead to such serious care mistakes.

As with any other method, the use of a flower box with water reservoir can lead to care mistakes, either due to irrigation or other circumstances. Immediately with the irrigation system, the problem of deficiency supply may be related to water when the plant substrate is not fully rooted. The amount of water that can absorb the plants is then often insufficient and it comes to dehydration. That is why it is particularly important in young plants, cuttings and newly used plants to control the moisture of the earth regularly in the upper areas with your finger and possibly additionally pour from above. If you can not do this for lack of time, for example because you're traveling over the weekend and do not want to entrust anyone else with casting your pets, you can resort to irrigation systems that moisturize the soil from above. Until the roots have penetrated into deeper layers, for example, water reservoirs made of plastic or clay inserted into the ground can be a good supplement to the flower box with water reservoir.

There are a number of other technology-free irrigation systems for home use. The best known are probably the small water tanks made of plastic or clay, which are filled from above and usually moisten the plant substrate through a small opening. Often, especially the plastic models are colorful and designed in the form of figures. Skilled hobbyists sometimes build themselves such a water reservoir from a PET bottle. Building instructions can be found on the Internet. A less well-known method is watering over storage mats. These can absorb a multiple of their own weight in water and are cut to size simply placed in the box under the potting soil. Special water storage granules are also increasingly used, which is mixed with the potting soil. A less well-known method is the capillary irrigation with glass fiber wicks.

Even flower boxes with water storage can not guarantee lush plant growth or replace the famous green thumb. Other important factors, such as the right location, adequate lighting conditions and careful fertilization are not affected. However, when used properly, a planter with water storage can provide a tremendous amount of relief in everyday life for plant lovers, be it on vacation, with back problems, overhead planters, or just out of a leisurely way of comfort. Flower boxes with water storage are worth a try in any case.

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  • Set of 2 Storage Bins - 11 x 10.5 x 10.5 each
  • Features a lavender purple and grey watercolor floral print
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  • Classic whiskey barrel planter in a Distressed Oak finish with antique pewter colored bands
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  • Lightweight and durable high density resin construction
  • Delivered with drainage holes for outdoor use
  • Top diameter 15", height 10. 25", bottom Diameter 9" - Weight 1. 3 lbs
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EMSCO Easy Picker Raised Bed Grow Box – With 30" Stand, 4 Casters, and Supply Storage Grate – Self-Watering
  • CONVENIENT MOBILE PLANTER – The Easy Picker is the ultimate raised bed gardening system. The unit is mobile and features four swivel casters for easy transport and sun tracking that works great in areas with limited space.
  • SELF-WATERING AND IMPROVED AERATION – The self-contained system of the Easy Picker is self-watering. It automatically waters plants by wicking moisture from its 2-gallon water reservoir and has water overflow holes to prevent overwatering. Additionally, plants rest above an aeration screen that enhances the oxygen flow to plant roots and encourages faster growth, which allows you to grow more with less effort.
  • SPACE SAVER – The Easy Picker is perfect for homeowners with limited space who wish to grow plants and vegetables. It is less expensive than large, traditional raised bed gardens and can be used to introduce people to gardening with minimal investment. Even users in tight urban areas can use the Easy Picker, as you can grow vegetables in small spaces, such as fire escapes or rooftop verandas.
  • WEED PREVENTION –The Easy Picker alleviates weed growth by having its own self-contained soil system. A mulch cover is included to further prevent the development of weeds.
  • 30” STAND – With its convenient elevated height of 30”, homeowners can tend to their plants while standing. This eliminates the need for kneeling, stooping, or bending, so you can enjoy gardening without difficulty. This feature is ideal for seniors and wheel chair users.