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The 6 Best Hay fever Tablets

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  • Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Gummies support immune...
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When winter comes to an end and the days get longer again, most people look forward to spring. For pollen allergy sufferers, however, this joy is clouded – they fear the hay fever that recurs every year. However, with the right medication, this time can be enjoyed almost painlessly. But how do tablets actually work against hay fever? What should I watch for while taking this medicine?

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  • Cotton Blend
  • Mass Vestment
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Drugstore articles: Hay fever Tablets Video Guide

From spring to autumn there are different types of pollen that can cause allergies. In spring, alder, birch or hazelnut are the main triggers, in summer cereals, grasses and plantain follow. Mugwort and ragweed can be expected in autumn. In addition, the beginning of the pollen flight has shifted forward due to climatic change. In the past, the hay fever season did not begin until mid-May; today, allergy sufferers have their first symptoms much earlier. The period in which the annoying pollen flies has therefore been extended.

According to a study, the Robert Koch Institute assumes that about 15 percent of Germans suffer from hay fever. The immune system of these affected persons regards the actually harmless pollen as a threat. It releases the hormone histamine to fight the supposed enemy. This leads to the typical symptoms of hay fever: itchy, watery eyes, a swollen nose, tiredness and exhaustion. Basically, hay fever feels like a cold – but it passes after a few days. However, allergic symptoms persist as long as the pollen is inhaled. In order to keep the stress in everyday life as low as possible, it is therefore advisable to take hay fever tablets

If you want to alleviate allergy-related complaints, you should start taking hay fever tablets in good time. The active ingredients accumulate only slowly in the blood. Tablets are particularly suitable for known allergy triggers whose flowering period is very long. Cromoglicic acid and Lodoxamide are typical active substances to prevent the outbreak of hay fever. These preparations ensure that less histamine is released into your body, which significantly reduces the symptoms of allergy. With these active ingredients, it is important to keep an eye on the pollen count forecast: In order to achieve full efficacy, it should be taken at least two weeks before the onset of the allergy.

As soon as the tablets have sufficiently armed the immune system against the trigger of hay fever, the pollen can come. However, it is necessary that you continue to take the preparation regularly throughout the hay fever season so that the concentration of active ingredients in the blood remains constant. You can find out how often and in what dosage the tablets should be taken from the package insert. Of course, your doctor or pharmacist will also be happy to give you concrete advice on how to take it correctly

Those who fear very severe symptoms can prevent them with the cortisone beclomethasone, which is also available in a low dosage without a prescription. But beware: medicines containing cortisone can cause side effects if used permanently. In addition to severe fatigue, skin problems, eye diseases and infections are possible. You should therefore discuss the longer-term use of such preparations with a doctor.
Antihistamines such as cetirizine and loratadine take effect within an hour of taking them. They usually work for 24 hours, so one tablet a day is sufficient. These active ingredients block the messenger substance histamine by occupying its receptors. The messenger substance can therefore not dock and can no longer unfold its effect in the body. The disadvantage of these active ingredients is that they can make you very tired. This can be dangerous when driving or at work. Therefore, antihistamines should preferably be taken in the evening.

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