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Named after its inventor, the German-American Robert Wartenberg, the nerve wheel is also known under the term Wartenbergrad. Alternative designations are anesthesiometers according to Wartenberg or, more rarely, needle wheels. Originally developed as a medical aid, the nerve wheel is used in the field of neurology. As a so-called sensitivity testing device, the neurologist uses this small device to support the diagnosis. Different diseases or disorders of the nervous system and the perception of pain, which varies from person to person, should be better classified with the nerve wheel. For this examination, the specialist tests the sensitivity to pain by rolling the sensitivity tester on the skin surface

Due to the ever-increasing focus on hygiene in the medical field, the nerve wheel is rarely used today. Developed in the 20th century, this method of sensitivity testing is no longer the first choice for determining pain sensation. Briefly described, the Wartenbergrad consists of a handle with an attachment to which star-shaped pointed pins are attached in circles. The spiked wheels are mobile and are unrolled over the skin surface during the neurological examination. The neurologist not only determines the sensitivity to pain, but also deaf or insensitive areas can be localized more easily. This is ensured by the spiky tips, which activate the nerve cells as they roll and trigger different sensitivities. The following applies: Despite the pointed spikes on the circular attachments, the nerve wheel is designed in such a way that the skin is not injured during rolling. This is particularly important in the case of disorders of the nervous system with associated deafness of the affected body area. Despite the clearly declining importance of the Wartenberg degree in the medical field, this small mechanical device is again very much in demand today in the BDSM scene, which is also becoming more popular.

Already used as a small device to increase pleasure for a long time, the popularity of the nerve wheel has increased rapidly due to the bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Compact and easy to transport, the Wartenbergrad serves only one purpose: the playful tormenting of the partner. The intensity of the stimulus can easily be varied by the pressure exerted. The selection of certain body parts also serves the playful exploration of more or less pain-sensitive areas. From soft to hard applies here: As long as no excessively high pressure is exerted, the use of the nerve wheel does not damage the skin surface even in the BDSM area. Not necessarily a disadvantage, but important with the multiple use of the small toy is also in this area the hygiene. Just as after medical applications, the nerve wheel should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. For private use without damaging the skin layers, boiling in boiling water for several minutes is sufficient. Additional disinfection is not absolutely necessary.

Also known as pinwheels in relevant shops, the Wartenberg nerve wheel is available in a wide variety of designs and price categories. Simple small devices have only one movable wheel on the upper side of the handle for sensitive rolling on the skin. Size of the wheel and intensity of the spikes are also available in variations. For even more appeal on a larger area, Pinwheels are also available with five, seven or even ten wheels. The materials used to manufacture the nerve wheel are mostly stainless steel or so-called medical steel, as it is also used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. The quality of the handles must be taken into account when purchasing. Some manufacturers use solid plastic materials, which are also very stable, but not quite as robust as stainless steel. For cleaning after using the nerve wheel, you should consult the enclosed instructions.

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