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  • Controls weeds without chemicals
  • Walkways, patios and retaining wall jobs
  • Long term durability
  • Sheet measures 6 feet wide x 33 feet long - Made of heavy...
  • Versatile - perfect for under decking, pathways, drives,...
  • UV stabilised fabric to reduce biodegradation from sunlight....
  • Sheet measures 6 feet wide x 33 feet long - Made of heavy...
  • Versatile - perfect for under decking, pathways, drives,...
  • UV stabilised fabric to reduce biodegradation from sunlight....
  • SUPER-EASY TO INSTALL & SET-UP - You don't have to be an...
  • YOUR SOIL HAS VALUE & WE KNOW IT - Our exclusive garden weed...
  • Top Seller
  • Fabric
  • Easy to Use and Handle
  • Weed Control Environment Friendly – Made Of Heavy-Duty...
  • Premium Weed Barrier Fabric - Heavy Duty Weed blocker fabric...
  • Erosion Control Efficiency - Weed Blocking Fabric Can Be...

GeneralWhite destroys the look of one's own garden and destroys the living conditions of other plants. You pluck it out and a short time later it returns again. If the workload of removing the weeds by hand is too great and you want to keep away from chemical agents that destroy the entire surrounding vegetation, keep away, you can think about a weed fleece. It consists, as the name suggests, of a nonwoven fabric. This not only prevents the growth of unwanted plants in a natural way, but also creates an optimal soil environment. The weed fleece can be used wherever you would like to find or avoid weeds. These may be, for example, garden paths, utility and ornamental beds, wooden terraces or gravel installations. How it worksThe weed fleece presses on the earth and filters the sun's rays so that no plants can germinate or grow. However, oxygen and nutrients can continue to enter the soil. Air and water are transmitted through fine pores in small quantities. Weed fleece stores heat and moisture. The plants are thus protected against ground frost. During periods of drought the moisture is better stored under the fleece, the floor dries up more slowly. Seeds that have been planted in the ground can not escape under the fleece and at the same time no seeds that come with the wind can get under the fleece. Laying In the beginning you think about the layout of the bed. It is considered how to move the weed fleece. Weeds, stones and foreign objects must be removed. Particular attention should be given to the root remnants of the dandelion. Then you loosen up the ground and level it. Then the fleece can be cut to bed size. You have to be careful that fleece is not damaged and you leave something supernatant. Then the fleece can be laid loose on the floor. It is also recommended to make sure that the shiny side of the weed barrier is pointing upwards. Perhaps the weed fleece can now be attached to the corners with hooks, stones or gravel. Then you cut openings in the fleece, if you want to grow your own plants, shrubs or trees at designated places. Using a utility knife, cut a large cross so that the plant fits into it, but the leaves will not be kinked. Of great importance is the distance of the fleece to the plant. A small gap ensures that no weeds can grow. Since you want to have the fleece mostly invisible, you cover the end of the remaining area with bark mulch or gravel, the top layer should be at least 5cm. Settled plants can be fertilized with a water-soluble fertilizer through the fleece. At the wooden terrace, the fleece is laid overlapping on the ground underneath the substructure. Here usually several tracks must be laid next to each other. The water does not accumulate below the terrace, because it flows through the small pores in the fleece. This extends the durability of the wood. The fleece is designed for stone and gravel paths just below the applied flooring. If you create a new lawn, simply apply the soil layer to the fleece. Then you move the turf or sow the lawn seeds. Also in the greenhouse, the fleece is often used, it creates here for the cuttings very good growth conditions. It is also possible to use weed fleece in container plants to prevent the roots of the plants from growing out of the holes in the pot. Cut a piece of nonwoven in the required size, place it in the bottom of the pot and use the plants as usual. What to pay attention to when buying Weed fleeces can be purchased online cheap or purchased at the hardware store. Usually one finds the fleeces in the colors black, brown and green. These colors can be great color accents. The fleece is usually sold in rolls of about 1 to 1.2 meters wide, depending on requirements are rolled on a roll more than ten feet. In any case, you should look again before the purchase, which dimensions are really needed to save additional shipping costs. Weed fleece must not be confused with garden fleece. Gardening fleece protects the plants in bad weather conditions, but does not prevent the growth of weeds. It should also be considered that non-woven with a thickness of less than 100 grams per square meter has little stability, and also very quickly rotted. It is used in kitchen gardens. Webs with a thickness of 100 grams per square meter are more expensive and can not be laid so easily, but are also more robust. They can be covered with mulch or soil. Nonwovens of this strength are used in kitchen gardens and ornamental gardens. Tiles with a thickness of 150 grams per square meter are used in rockeries and paths. These weed fleeces are ideal for spreading stones, gravel or sand. If you lay the fleece on a slope, a simple attachment with stones is not always enough. In this case, you can still buy a ground anchor, which ensures that the fleece does not slip.

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SCOTTS Fabric, 4 by 220-Feet
  • Controls weeds without chemicals
  • Walkways, patios and retaining wall jobs
  • Long term durability
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Type - Medium Duty

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AdvantagesWhile laying the weed fleece is more expensive than using weed killers for casting or spreading, it has many advantages over other weed control methods. So you destroy the weeds on the one hand without chemicals and environmentally friendly. Weed fleece made of sturdy polypropylene can be reprocessed in the recycling process and brings no environmental impact during combustion. If the polypropylene is burned in energy recycling, low-emission combustion products such as water and carbon dioxide are released. The growth of weeds is permanently prevented by weed fleeces and the landscape still looks natural. You no longer have to worry about removing unwanted plants and save a lot of time. Heat-insulating properties of the fleeces promote the growth of desirable plants. The water evaporates more slowly and the plants are also supplied during dry seasons. The water permeability prevents the moisture accumulation. Further advantages of the weed fleeces lie in the high tear strength and the long durability over many decades.

TOP 5 weed control fabric Bestseller

GardenMate 6 x 33 feet Sheet Woven Weed Control Fabric - UV stabilized Black Heavy Duty 3 oz/yd² Landscape Ground Cover Membrane
  • Sheet measures 6 feet wide x 33 feet long - Made of heavy duty 3 oz/yd² woven PP (polypropylene) fabric
  • Versatile - perfect for under decking, pathways, drives, flower beds, landscaping etc
  • UV stabilised fabric to reduce biodegradation from sunlight. Can be used in direct sunlight, in greenhouses and outdoors.
  • Breathable, water permeable fabric allows air, water and nutrients to pass through into the soil below
  • Premium quality from GardenMate
Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450,Black
  • Dewitt weed barrier 12-years is an easy-to-use, environmentally safe fabric that controls weeds before they start
  • The non-woven, hydro philic treated fabric allows air and water to pass through
  • Dewitt landscape fabric minimizes light penetration to suppress weed growth
  • Fabric is treated to minimize degradation due to UV light exposure
  • The design also prevents unraveling and makes the material easier to cut; measures 4 by 50 feet
FLARMOR Landscape Fabric Heavy Duty - Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric - Weed Blocker - Garden Fabric Roll 1.8 oz - Commercial Weed Control Fabric 3 Ft X 300 Ft
  • Landscape fabric with innovative WeedStop Technology effectively reduces garden maintenance.
  • Weed block works great as an underlayer for artificial grass, vegetable patch, flower bed.
  • Weed barrier landscape fabric is perfect for the chippings, stones, and gravel.
  • Garden fabric roll is easy to set up so you can do it yourself and save your money.
  • Polypropylene landscape fabric roll 3x300 ft. Order now and get a pair of garden gloves for free.
· Petgrow · Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric for Outdoor Gardens, Non Woven Weed Blockr Fabric - Garden Landscaping Fabric Roll - Weed Control Fabric in Rolls(4FTx100FT)
  • Weed Control Environment Friendly – Made Of Heavy-Duty Professional Grade Polypropylene Material, durable, sturdy. Eco-friendly preventing unwanted weeds from germinating.Keep your soil health. Doesn't harm the ecosystem of your yard and llowing your plants to thrive
  • Premium Weed Barrier Fabric - Heavy Duty Weed blocker fabric is needle-punched to transmit water and air, preserving the soil moisture. Fabric allows air and water through, superior permeability to keep the soil nourished, but still keeps weeds away.
  • Erosion Control Efficiency - Weed Blocking Fabric Can Be Quickly Implemented To Contain Materials And Prevent Further Erosion On Your Gardening, Lines Helped To Judge Straightness And Spacing.
  • Widely Application: Weed block works great as an underlayer for artificial grass, vegetable patch, flower bed,ground cover, garden, driveways. You Can DIY Cloth Size By yourself Will Not Fray.
Amagabeli 4ft x 100ft Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric 5.8oz Heavy Duty Ground Cover Weed Cloth Geotextile Fabric Durable Driveway Cover Garden Lawn Fabric Outdoor Weed Mat
  • HEAVY DUTY & HIGH DENSITY: 5.8oz heavy duty weed barrier landscape fabric with dimensions of 4ft wide by 100ft long. This premium durable ground cover weed barrier is made of 5.8oz high density woven needle punched dual layer and professional grade Polyester material. The durable geotextile fabric weed cloth will highly increase your productivity and efficiency! NOTE: Please note that the Needle Non-woven Layer should face up for better sun protection,weed barrier,and stronger water permeabili
  • HIGH STRENGHTH & HIGH PERMEABILITY: The landscape fabric heavy duty is made of professional grade Polypropylene material in high strength for durability and long lasting. Unlike the nonwoven landscaping fabric, this weed cloth was designed of high density woven needle punched dual layer in high permeability to conserve and soil moisture. The premium design allows and air through to preserve the soil moisture without blocking air or .
  • WEATHER PROOF & ECO-FRIENDLY: The premium Polypropylene material and high density woven needle punched dual layer design makes this weed fabric weather proof and UV stabilized. Make your home projects easier and 100% hassle-free with this weed barrier fabric. Protect your yard's ecosystem, thrive your plants. and reduce soil erosion.
  • EASY TO SET-UP & MULTIPLE PURPOSES: Easy to lay and easy to cut with scissors. The green stripes located make for easy plant alignment. It will be a great premium garden fabric for artificial grass, vegetable patch, flower bed, ground cover, garden, driveway, chippings, stones, gravel walkway, patio, playground, greenhouse, and other outdoor use. It is super easy and convenient to DIY the cloth size and shape for your home projected needed.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: We offer premium products for you while exceeding highest industry standards and offer thoughtful and considerate customer care.