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  • The Whisper Bath Lift is designed to assist individuals...
  • Tool-free, two-piece bath lift construction is easy to...
  • 4 quick-release suction cups ensure anti-slip security on...
  • Tool-free assembly and two-piece construction makes the lift...
  • Padded seat and backrest provide added comfort; The backrest...
  • Watertight hand control floats; Easy to use quick charge...
  • Swivel transfer seat compatible with deltis bathlift serves...
  • Measures 15.75" long x 15.6" wide x .875" high, with a 309...
  • Combination of turning and shifting makes this the ideal...
  • Enables you to lie right down at the bottom of the bath
  • Portable, lightweight and very stable
  • Powered by the 12V Airflo compressor
  • Great alternative to a walk-in bath
  • Simple to fit or remove - separates into three pieces
  • Safety feature: will only lower you into the bath when there...
  • Great alternative to a walk-in bath
  • Simple to fit or remove - separates into three pieces
  • Battery operated - no dangerous power cables

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If you need to mount a bath lift, you can mount it on the wall or on the side of the bath. However, the disadvantage is the need for more space. The retrofitting of all models with assembly effort is unproblematic.

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Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift, Blue
  • The Whisper Bath Lift is designed to assist individuals while entering, exiting and enjoying a bath with renewed independence
  • Tool-free, two-piece bath lift construction is easy to assemble and install, with sleek folding capability for transportation and storage
  • 4 quick-release suction cups ensure anti-slip security on the bathtub floor, while a padded seat and backrest provide exceptional comfort
  • Rise, lower, and recline the backrest of the bath lift up to 50 degrees with a water-tight hand control featuring bright, easily accessible buttons
  • Seat Dimensions: 16.54"(D) x 13.7"(W) x 2.3"-18.8"(H); Back of Chair Height: 25.1"; Base Width: 22"; Backrest Recline: 140 Deg; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Drugstore articles: Bathtub lift Video Guide

Bathtub lifts, also known as bathtub lifts, are a technical aid for people who are no longer able to get into or out of the bathtub on their own due to age, illness or accident. The principle is simple: by lowering a seat device, on which the person willing to take a bath is located at the height of the upper edge of the bathtub, the seat device lowers to the floor of the filled bathtub. Afterwards the bathing can take place in a bath additive or the cleaning. In addition to the hygienic reasons and advantages for skin care, the quality of life also includes being able to enjoy peace and relaxation in a pleasantly scented full bath. Various models and product variants are available as bathtub lifts: bathtub lift in the form of an air cushion: The bath is entered and exited in a seated position on the air cushion. A battery-operated compressor and a manual switch control system regulate the height of the seat by inflating and deflating air. Alternatively, a lifting device mounted in the wall next to the bathtub can be used to safely lift a wide, solid band over the bathtub at the push of a button and with an electric motor, which a person can sit on. The slow, controlled release of the tension lowers the belt with the person to the bottom of the tub. A slow tightening of the belt allows you to get out again after bathing. It is also possible to control the bathtub floor with the aid of an electronic lowering aid of a special seat. Suction cups provide non-slip stability to ensure the stability of the seat on the tub floor. Some versions are also tiltable.

By using a bathtub lift to ensure sufficient hygienic and physical care, the protection of the private sphere should also be taken into account when taking a full bath. As long as possible, the person concerned should be able to do without the help of another person. This is also a relief for relatives. Technical aids such as a stair lift or a bathtub lift are intended to help prevent a person with mobility impairments from having to move from their familiar surroundings to a nursing home. Therefore, even if certain conditions are met, such as an improvement in the living environment for the provision of home care, benefits from the statutory health and long-term care insurance are provided. The basis is a general practitioner’s prescription

The space-saving bathtub lifts fit into any bathtub, avoiding heavy climbing or lifting. They are easy to operate and clean. In addition, a safe and comfortable use is possible. The complete lowering to the bottom of the bathtub allows unrestricted bathing pleasure. No conversion of the bathroom or bathtub is necessary. Bathtub lifts are also suitable for large and heavy persons (up to approx. 150 kilograms). With the exception of the statutory co-payment, the acquisition costs are often borne by the health insurers. No noteworthy disadvantages of the aid are known. However, the costs may have to be borne independently. In addition, care should be taken that the tub does not run too full to prevent small floods in the bath. With existing remote controls, it must be ensured that there is no contact with water.

Bathtub lifts are offered by numerous manufacturers and dealers in different price ranges. These include, for example: Bella Vita Aquatec Orca Drive Medical Dietz

In addition to functional differences, the products are predominantly of high quality. The long-lasting, maintenance-friendly bathtub lifts can be purchased new and bulged.

Pay attention to maximum weight allowance for overweight persons Check whether additional handholds make sense or are necessary Pre-plan storage space for the bathtub lift A swivelling bathtub lift must have sufficient space A suitable, skin-friendly cover should also be taken into account When purchasing, a test seat clarifies the question of sufficient seat size Pay attention to battery capacity

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