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  • ADVANCED GREEN TEA FORMULA - Zenwise Health Green Tea...
  • METABOLISM BOOSTER FOR WEIGHT LOSS - When combined with a...
  • ANTIOXIDANT IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - With 98% Polyphenols,...
  • Pack of 300 Capsules (3 X 100 Count Bottles)
  • Works with the body's natural rhythm to support wellness
  • Popularity with fitness and weight-loss enthusiasts
  • contains naturally occurring EGCG(EpiGalloCatechin Gallate),...
  • Works with the body's natural rhythm to support wellness
  • Popularity with fitness and weight-loss enthusiasts
  • Kick Start & Speed up your fat burning ability...
  • Helps Curb appetite
  • Helps Boost Energy
  • Cellular protection
  • potent free radical scavenger, antioxidant power of vitamin...
  • Dairy Free, Egg Free, Kosher, Made w/o Gluten, non-GMO, Nut...
  • 5:1 Green Tea Extract Capsules
  • Supports Immune Health and Detoxification
  • Catechins Support 24h Energy Expenditure

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Green tea has gained worldwide fame since the trend reversal for healthy nutrition at the latest. In China, however, this tea plant has been cultivated for several thousand years and drunk for regular consumption. But anyone who believes that green tea did not reach Europe until the 20th century is mistaken. Thanks to economic trade, teas and food were already being transported around the world in the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, only the presence of Green Tea Capsules, the modern way of drinking tea and absorbing the best ingredients, is marked

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Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG & Vitamin C - Antioxidants & Polyphenols for Immune System - for Weight Support & Energy - Natural Pills for Brain & Heart Health - 120 Count
  • ADVANCED GREEN TEA FORMULA - Zenwise Health Green Tea Extract contains a blend of Green Tea Extract (with EGCG and Polyphenols) and Vitamin C to support weight loss, energy, immune response, cognition, and heart health for men and women.
  • METABOLISM BOOSTER FOR WEIGHT LOSS - When combined with a healthy diet, Green Tea Extract (with EGCG catechin) is an effective fat burner solution that promotes slimming results by giving the body's metabolic function a natural boost.
  • ANTIOXIDANT IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT - With 98% Polyphenols, the Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis) works with the Vitamin C in this formula for a powerful source of antioxidants that bolster immune function to help you feel your best.
  • JITTER FREE ENERGY - Featuring 725mg of Green Tea Extract per serving, this nature inspired formula provides a pure and gentle boost of energy to get you through your day without any jitters or caffeine crashes.
  • SUPPORTS BRAIN & HEART HEALTH - Daily Green Tea Extract supplement promotes healthy cardiovascular function.

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The Chinese have been drinking green tea since the 6th century BC. Later, however, Buddhist monks brought finely ground tea to Japan. This was Matcha, who is also very well known today. It is above all the ingredients of green tea that play an important role in the diet. Green tea capsules can also be taken instead of tea. They contain the essence of extraordinarily good substances and can have the same health-promoting effect as green tea itself. Not only in Germany, but all over the world, scientific studies have investigated what Asians have known for thousands of years: Green tea is healthy

Thus a preventive effectiveness could be proven with diabetes, Alzheimer, inflammatory processes or heart illnesses. Special extracts of green tea even support weight loss and can therefore also have a positive effect on obesity. Responsible for this impressive efficacy is epigallocatechin gallate or also known as EGCG. This is a carboxylic acid ester, an antioxidant, which is one third of the dry matter of green tea. However, one study is particularly impressive. Over a period of eleven years, the Ohsaki study examined 40,530 adults in Japan. The subjects were between 40 and 79 years old. The end result showed that green tea has a positive cardiovascular property and can prolong an individual’s life! The mortality rate actually decreased by 12 percent for men and 23 percent for women. Not only that, but also cardiovascular diseases were significantly reduced.

It is also interesting to note that the consumption of green tea in combination with antibiotics has a positive effect. The effect of antibiotics should improve considerably in this respect – at least this is what Egyptian scientist Dr. Mervat Kassem says. However, germs in which antibiotics had no effect responded to antibiotics again by consuming green tea at the same time.

Green tea extract as a daily dosage of 3400 mg is a dietary supplement of Vit4ever. This large pack of 360 capsules is suitable for long-term use or as a family pack. As a 90-day cure it also supports a diet or is suitable for weight control. Also vegans do not have to do without the consumption of the green tea extract. Vihado offers a dietary supplement consisting of pure green tea and vegan capsules

Today, green tea is grown mainly in China, Japan and even India. The selection of the individual varieties is impressive. Bancha tea” from Japan contains a lot of calcium, but has a lower caffeine content. Funmatsucha is an instant green tea. The Gyokuro has a slightly grassy taste with a high caffeine content, which means “noble dewdrop”. The Sencha is the most drunk green tea in Japan. The earlier it is harvested, the better the quality. In China, on the other hand, there are varieties such as Cris Cross and Bi Luo Chun. The latter consists of the finely twisted and deep green leaf with a light infusion and a fresh aroma.

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