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It’s not life-threatening, but very unpleasant: haemorrhoids. In most cases, the small corpora cavernosa on the rectum are not noticeable at all, but in some cases these can develop into painful small pimples that make sitting a problem. If the erectile tissue under the skin expands and enlarges, you should seek appropriate help. After all, this can quickly cause you to suffer from constipation or suppress bowel movements. A good hemorrhoid ointment is now the right way because it can relax the erectile tissue and dissolve the hemorrhoids as if by itself.

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The change in hemorrhoids is classified by degree. You can treat the first and second degree of the disease with a suitable hemorrhoid ointment. You can get most hemorrhoid ointments without a prescription in the supermarket, pharmacy, health food store or drugstore. When treating haemorrhoids, it is best to observe a few basic rules. Otherwise it can happen that even the best hemorrhoid ointment has no effect. First and foremost, it is important that you apply the hemorrhoid ointment to the anal area only if it is completely clean. Therefore you should clean yourself thoroughly with water or damp toilet paper after each bowel movement. Then carefully pat dry. The hemorrhoid ointment can only be applied afterwards. The hemorrhoid ointment is carefully introduced into the anal canal. When buying, it is best to make sure that the tube has a suitable shape. This makes it easier for you to work in this area. After use, clean the tube thoroughly and remove bacteria.

Although haemorrhoids are common, the supply of haemorrhoid ointments is rather limited. There are some manufacturers that offer different products that you can use. The basis of most ointments is hamamelis distillate. The distillate comes from a herbal active ingredient, which is why the ointment is particularly effective in thickening haemorrhoids in their initial stages. Hamamelis has been used since ancient times as an active ingredient, which will still delight you today. The herbal active ingredients soothe the skin and the discomfort is reduced. If your hemorrhoids have started to wet or burn, you should use another hemorrhoid ointment. This should ensure good wound healing and drying. Hamamelis is also used here, where it leaves a thin protective layer on the skin to prevent light bleeding or inflammation.

An alternative to a classical hemorrhoid ointment is a gel. This is obtained from the Aloe Vera Barbadensis plant. The healing properties of aloe vera have been known for many generations, so you can use it to help heal your skin and care for it at the same time. There are also some hemorrhoid ointments which work with vaseline, glucose syrup and peppermint oil. These are optimal when the hemorrhoids have just developed. A great help against severe itching is a hemorrhoid ointment that greases the anal mucosa. This should facilitate bowel movement and prevent swelling due to excessive pressure. Even if you find most haemorrhoid ointments without a prescription in pharmacies or drugstores, you should consult a doctor if you have prolonged problems. In some cases, a hemorrhoid ointment cannot bring the desired success, so professional help is the right way.

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