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  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered...
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly...
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels...
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  • ✔️ #11 HIGH-CARBON STEEL: Refined with #11 high-carbon...
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  • ✔BASED ON USAGE RESEARCH – We have select most needed...
  • ✔EASY TO CLEAN - You can boil them or swab by alcohol, or...
  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered...
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly...
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels...

One knife, countless applications – hardly any other tool is used in so many different areas as the scalpel. When it comes to silver-coloured instruments with extremely sharp blades, most people first think of an operating theatre. Surgeons mainly use scalpels to precisely cut through skin and tissue. But even outside the operating theatre, the knives are popular tools and are used in kitchens as well as for hunting, handicrafts and model making. Each of these areas makes different demands on the scalpel. In this guide you can read whether the knives are suitable for your purpose and what you should pay attention to when buying scalpels and blades.

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Many hobby chefs appreciate the scalpel as a practical helper in the kitchen. With the sharp blade, you can easily release meat and cut juicy roasts. But the scalpel has also become an indispensable utensil for baking. Here it is usually used to cut elaborate shapes from fondant and gum paste, which are later used as cake decoration. As in the operating theatre, this work depends on precise cuts, which is why the sharp knives are also the ideal helpers for ambitious bakers.

Also not to be excluded is the scalpel or Cutter knife with the handicraft. Whether cardboard, fabric, leather or fur – the sharp blades are unsurpassed for creative work that requires cuts to the millimetre. Depending on the material to be cut, different knives must be used. In general the recommendation is: The harder the material, the stronger the blade should be. Wafer-thin blades, which are ideal for working with paper or cardboard, can break easily with fur, fabric or leather.

The scalpel is no less popular with model builders. From model railways to airplanes – sharp blades are indispensable in many areas of model making. Particularly in filigree work on scale models, where the smallest foils and parts often have to be cut to size under a magnifying glass, neither knives nor scissors can match the precision of the scalpel. And finally, thanks to the trend towards foiling cars, precision knives are increasingly in demand in garages as well. They make it possible to cut the foils on the car with millimetre precision and thus achieve a perfect result.

A scalpel with an exchangeable blade is recommended for all hobby areas. With these knives, a new one can be inserted with just a few hand movements in the event of wear or breakage of the blade. Most manufacturers already supply their scalpels or cutter knives with a selection of different knives and offer customers the opportunity to reorder matching blades. A reusable scalpel should have a solid handle that provides good grip when working with the knife. With smooth metal knives, there is a risk of slipping with wet hands and injuring yourself. Manufacturers such as Wedo and Cutfix therefore rely on silicone and soft-touch handles for their scalpels.

If the scalpel is rarely used or if it is intended for medical purposes such as the removal of cornea, etc., disposable scalpels are the best choice. The scalpels should be sterile for use on the body. This is the case, for example, with the disposable scalpels from Cutfix, which are individually sterile packed in a set of 10. Here, however, it is important to select the appropriate blade shape for the respective application. For scalpels, the blade shapes are called figures. Scalpels with blades from Fig. 10 to Fig. 40 are available on the market.

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Medpride Disposable Scalpel Blades| #10 Sharp, Tempered Stainless-Steel Blades | Pack of 10 Sterile Scalpel Knives| Plastic Handle| Individual Pouches| for Dermaplaining, Podiatry, Crafts & More
  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered Stainless-Steel blades with a plastic handle, our #10 disposable scalpel knives allow for heavy duty use and a comfy grip for easy control.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly for Dermaplaining or small aesthetic procedures such as callus removing, dead skin-skin tag removal and scraping, acne removal and more.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels for your premed student supplies, dissections at school/ university, taxidermy, clay modeling or any arts ‘n’ crafts project that requires a sharp #10 scalpel.
  • PROTECTIVE CAP: Our scalpel knives come with protective blade caps so you can reuse them again if you wish. A great tool for any project that does not require disposing of the scalpel upon completion.
  • PLASTIC HANDLE WITH MEASUREMENT: Our handle is designed to offer a good grip and allows for delicate control when required. Plus, on the side you will find a handy, 6cm ruler for extra practicality points.
Surgical Grade Blades #11 10pcs Sterile with #3 Scalpel Knife Handle for Biology Lab Anatomy, Practicing Cutting, Medical Student, Sculpting, Repairing
  • 10 Pcs 11# Superior carbon steel blades with individual foil wrapped ensures precision cut. Sterilized by gamma radiation.
  • Thickened metal handle with special anti-slip stripes is durable and comfortable to use.
  • Various Occasions: Great for laboratory,school, university, medical Students Dissection Practicing, Taxidermy and Mycology, Plant Cutting, Clay Modelling, Wood Model Making, Crafts 'n' Arts , etc.
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TruMed Disposable Scalpels | #11 High-Carbon Steel Blade | Surgical / Dermaplaning Tool | Plastic Handle | Sterile Medical Podiatry Tools | Individually Foil Wrapped ● Box of 10
  • ✔️ #11 HIGH-CARBON STEEL: Refined with #11 high-carbon steel blade, each of these premium scalpels ensures precision cut. Achieve amazing precision with the lightweight non-slip plastic handle, which together with the ultimate sharpness, makes the scalpel suitable for professional surgical use, as well as a dermaplaning tool or similar DIY projects.
  • ✔️ SERILIZED FOR VARIOUS USES: TSterilized by gamma radiation, each of these professional disposable surgical scalpels makes a great face dermaplaning tool, podiatry tool, premed student tool, medical surgical tool, a handy tool to remove face peach fuzz, acne, pimples, blackhead, dead skin, carve wood, cut objects and many similar aesthetic DIY projects.
  • ✔️ WELL PROTECTED: Individually foil wrapped and protected by a plastic sheath to prevent accidental punctures, you are sure to never feel the frustration of a damaged blade in the middle of your project. The disposable design gives you worry-free usage. These premium scalpels are only sterile on the first use, however can be used multiple times with the provided plastic cap.
  • ✔️ PACK of 10: Unlike our competitors that provide you with 1 or 2 multi-use scalpels which lose their sharpness after the second use, we provide you with 10 high end, ultra-sharp surgical dermaplaning scalpel blades. Feel a new level of precision and sharpness with these high quality scalpel dermaplaning tools!
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20 Pcs Advanced Dissection Kit. Biology Lab Anatomy Dissecting Set for Medical Students and Veterinary with Stainless Steel Scalpel Knife Handle Blades
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  • ✔PREMIUM GRADE STAINLESS STEEL dissection kit is perfect for students, teachers, artists and other professionals looking to perform their work safely, and effectively.
  • ✔20 PIECES IN NICE USEFULL CONTAINER - Everything you need to practice techniques and dissecting skills.