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Many people have thought so far that the consumption of coffee is harmful to their health. However, the opposite is exactly the case, as many studies of recent years have shown. The proportion of antioxidants has a positive effect on the human body. Green coffee in particular has a high proportion of such antioxidants. In the meantime, it has turned out that the production of the neval messenger substance dopamine is stimulated. This reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease among coffee lovers. Enjoying green coffee increases physical performance and mental receptiveness. At the same time, the probability of heart or liver disease is reduced. Since green coffee can also be classified as a helper in losing weight, more and more people are getting a taste for it.

The unroasted form of ordinary coffee is called green coffee. At this ripening stage, the coffee beans still have their natural green colour. The classic cup of morning coffee, however, is usually infused only from the roasted beans, which unfold their full flavour in this state. A cup of coffee made from green beans has rather little aroma. Green coffee is therefore more likely to be found in the Arabic-speaking world. In some coffee blends, however, it is also added as an unroasted bean. Like the roasted, brown coffee bean, the green coffee also has a slightly stimulating effect. However, there are also other effects on the human body. Accordingly, when it comes to rapid fat burning, green coffee has developed into a new trend in the field of diets

The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania conducted a study involving 16 overweight people aged 22-26. Only one capsule containing an extract of green coffee beans was administered daily to the volunteers. After 22 weeks the volunteers had lost about 8 kg of weight. Around 16% of the body fat content disappeared without the subjects having changed their eating habits. The participants ate their usual meals as normal. However, those who change their diet and exercise in addition to taking green coffee can lose even more kilos

Weight problems and obesity are a widespread condition today. Green coffee can help you lose weight. However, it depends on the concentration of the green coffee. The higher the dosage of green coffee, the greater the physical effects seem to be. In any case, the US study proves that green coffee helps to burn fat. Accordingly, green coffee is an ideal supplement for people who want to lose weight quickly and permanently with fitness and a healthy diet. So that the pounds tumble, these persons should incorporate an extract of green coffee into the menu. This extract bundles the active ingredients of the green coffee in a high concentration. Therefore, an extract is much more effective than some beans in the coffee blend. The chlorogenic acid contained in the extract, which is an antioxidant, lowers the sugar levels in the blood so that the production and absorption of glucose is inhibited. Accordingly, the body draws on its fat reserves in order to gain energy. This reduces body fat. It has been proven that an elevated blood sugar level leads to the re-storing of fats. Accordingly, it is clear that the lower blood sugar level is responsible for losing weight with green coffee.

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