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This auxiliary device must not be missing in any hobby or professional garden: the branch saw. With it, it is possible to sever branches with a diameter of up to 10 cm in a short time. Even with tree trunks you can achieve very precise, smooth and clean results with a pruning saw. This precision is extremely important, the only way to protect the trees from bacteria and fungi.

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The branch saw has a saw blade with tooth pitch, which is specially made to saw for the fresh wood of a living tree. Branch saws are available in a variety of variants, these cut either on train or pressure. Some models are designed to cut both pressure and tension. The saw blades are available in many different versions, a middle branch saw usually has a handle made of wood or plastic and a blade length of 30 cm. The smaller branch saws have a length of 12 to 15 cm. There are saw blades that are equipped with special tooth teeth, so that the sawdust from the cut can be removed faster. In addition to the manual handsaws, there are also electric or battery-powered branch saws. Rigsaws with telescopic poles are popular. With the telescopic pole, branches or tree trunks can be easily cut through at a height of up to 5 m.

One should consider before buying a branch saw, which length and strength the saw should have. Which branches or trunks do you want to cut through? Is the saw only used occasionally or is it used regularly? If you have a lot of trees to work on, then it's worth a chainsaw or battery-powered version. In addition, you should estimate whether a telescopic extension is necessary for cutting or not. The stem extension should be lightweight and high quality, so you can balance the saw perfectly. So you need no ladder even with very tall trees.

The saw blade must have a good sharpness. Ask the dealer if it is possible to re-sharpen the cutting blade. At least this should be interchangeable. How much are the spare parts of the purchased model? Is it worth buying or are the spare parts too expensive? At the same time, check the security of the device. The branch saw should be stowed in a case, because the risk of injury is very high especially for new saws. A belt buckle would be advantageous, so you can attach the case to the belt. Thus, one has the hands free and the saw always handy.

The Fiskars SW84 Handsaw is ergonomically shaped. It cuts through small tree trunks and branches with a diameter of up to 12 centimeters. The handle is made of durable fiberglass. The saw blade has a length of 33 cm. The branch saw has a pleasant weight of only 381 grams. The customer reviews are 95 percent "very good". The saw is called handy, very sharp and makes clean cuts. Minor material defects were criticized.

The company Wolf offers the professional branch saw Multi-Star RE-PM. The saw is ideal for cutting thick branches and has a saw blade length of 39 cm. The big advantage of this device is that the manufacturer has the so-called Vario handle. This makes it possible to cut branches up to a height of 5.50 m. Even with this saw have so far rarely been called disadvantages.

The Bosch Keo cordless garden saw is universally applicable. It cuts branches with a diameter up to 8 cm, as well as green wood, deadwood, metal and gypsum boards. The saw blade is 15 cm long, with a total length of 40 cm. The weight is 1 kilogram. An advantage is the integrated belt loop, so the saw can be worn directly on the belt. Battery life is considered very good by most users. However, it was often criticized that the battery can not be replaced or the device can not be operated with a cable.

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