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Shaving oil is currently experiencing a renaissance in Germany and Europe: In earlier times, shaving oil was quite common alongside the classic shaving soap. With the advent of shaving foam and gel from cans, shaving oil first disappeared from the shelves, at least as far as classic men’s shaving was concerned. In the meantime, however, shaving oil is on the rise again, as an increased body awareness of the population also begins to go hand in hand with an increased environmental awareness

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In the extremely body-conscious antiquity an enormous effort was made to shave men, but also women, and the question of how people could always be well shaved without wearing reddened skin or cuts was probably a constant topic. Refined oils were the answer at a time when there was no gel, no foam and no shaver with a four-blade system. Today, it may be partly the longing for a less industry-dominated life that puts shaving oil back in the spotlight as an ambassador of a sunken era of sustainable aesthetics: certainly not a bad development

Shaving oil makes the skin smooth and supple, which naturally also affects the beard hair. Even if it is certainly not advisable to shave off a longer beard with just an oil and a blade, you can dispense with foam or gel if you shave daily. These products are generally too expensive and not exactly environmentally friendly: pressure cans, which are usually used for shaving foam or gel, are among the least environmentally friendly products of all. It is also popular with men to use the shaving oil as a base and then put a foam, but better a good shaving soap, over it with a brush. The oil offers a higher gliding effect of the blade and therefore promises less pain or redness in the face. In addition, shaving oil usually has a very pleasant scent and replaces an after shave. Although shaving oil has not yet penetrated the discount markets, an ever-increasing number of body-conscious men are opting for this special and almost meditative form of shaving

Women are for various reasons protagonists of the return of shaving oil: As a rule, women do not have to shave their faces and have to remove less, but finer hair, but these hairs are more accurate and gentler because women have a much more sensitive skin than men. It has always been strange to spray a can of foam on your thighs or calves when shaving, and shaving without a skin relaxant is not a satisfactory solution, despite all the products with moisturising strips. The shaving oil scores here with the softness to the skin of the woman: A good shaving oil consists of oils of Babassu, Calendula, sunflowers, olives and almonds. The result is an oil that makes the skin supple and leaves the impression of a massage oil even after shaving. Besides, it smells very pleasant. Many manufacturers of conventional shaving aids for women think they have to underlay them with a rather aggressive perfume smell. The increasing success of shaving oil shows that the taste of a new generation of consumers has probably changed

Especially for younger people of both sexes, it is normal nowadays to shave your intimate area as well. On the one hand this is quite hygienic, on the other hand it hits the aesthetic nerve of the time. The enormous sensitivity of the genital area, especially in women, makes it impossible to shave with a product that could obscure the view of the most sensitive parts of the body. Foam and gel are therefore completely eliminated. A shaving oil with its general pain-relieving effect, its ability to make the skin and hair softer and smoother and its pleasant and soothing fragrance is predestined to become an indispensable companion for people of all sexes, especially in today’s normal but nevertheless particularly sensitive area of body care, as was presumably already the case in ancient times.

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