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Terrace cupboards are suitable for terraces, gardens and balconies for storing materials for the exterior of a property. Such cabinets are made of wood with moisture-repellent coating, plastic or metal. Inside the cabinet there are also various storage compartments. Terrace cabinets are available at the hardware store or in an online shop.

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Winsome Terrace 7-Piece Storage Shelf/Bookcase, 26 by 11.8 by 43-Inch
  • This 4-Tier Shelf has overall size of 26"W x 11.8"W x 43"H.
  • Six foldable small baskets 11.02"W x 10.24"D x 9.06" made from corn husk in chocolate finish.
  • Made from solid and composite wood

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The terrace has long been used as a living space by many people throughout the year and therefore needs a homely design. Through different door and window systems, the terrace or the balcony can be used in summer open and closed in winter. Convenient if required materials are stored in a separate cabinet, so that they are always at hand. When used in the garden can be stored in it garden tools. The lock system of the cabinet protects the contents from unauthorized access. Nevertheless, should not store too high quality items in it. As a living room it can accommodate, for example, the ridge crockery. This makes long distances between terrace, balcony and kitchen superfluous. In the drawers, a cutlery box can be used and comfortable cabinets are even equipped with a sink. The most suitable for this are terrace cabinets made of wood. Their coating ensures that the wood does not soften. Pressboard, in particular, becomes unstable when a liquid penetrates, because the wood particles are stuck together and the adhesive decomposes into its components if it is too long. Robust solid wood breathes. When warm, the wood expands and in cold weather it contracts. Deformations on wood are therefore a natural fact and need not be treated under any circumstances. Only the coating should be reapplied for rubbings. Cabinets that are exposed to the weather all year round should be made of plastic or rattan in terms of less wear. Rattan comes in wood look and can be integrated very well in rooms designed with wood.

The "Lino garden table" by Habau is made from the skewer. The tabletop with wood grain is painted and prevents the ingress of liquids. In addition, residues of food can be removed more easily. However, hot pots require a base, as the heat leaves residues on the wood or creates burn marks. On the sides and at the back of the table top, a wooden edge is attached, so that objects can not slip or fall off the plate. The country-style gray cabinet has two doors and inside a floor and intermediate compartment. There are also wooden terrace cabinets in whose doors glass panels are used. So a look from the outside is sufficient to recognize which materials are in the cabinet. Furthermore, there are shelves for terrace cabinets. The wood look is also offered in plastic cabinets. This is only noticeable on closer inspection that the patio cabinet is not made of pure wood. Other variants are terrace cabinets with several shelves, drawers or folding compartments.

Wood cabinets are usually less easy to care for, but they can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but always make sure that the coating protects the wood sufficiently from the weather. In addition, pressure points, quirks or chipping may occur when users come across objects. Rattan and plastic are not that sensitive. If you frequently use the patio cupboard, you are well advised to use a robust material. These materials also allow cleaning with cleaning agents without damaging the body. Especially food remains must be carefully removed from the corners of the cabinet or from the shelf, as the odors of food lure vermin and especially damage wood quickly.

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