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Spend a nice afternoon with friends in the park. Especially in summer and spring it is very popular. Ball games create a funny atmosphere. As a rule, two persons or two teams play against each other. In team sports you motivate each other and have a sufficient amount of movement. The selection of games is large. Usually the rule applies; the round must be in the square. The most popular sport is football. The same rule also applies to other ball sports such as handball, basketball or hockey. The purpose and goal is to reach as many goals as possible.
Another variant is the rebound game. In tennis, badminton, volleyball or squash, you need an opponent to hit the ball back. It’s mostly a competition game. If the opponent is unable to return the ball, the other team is awarded the point.
In any case, there is something for everyone. No matter which group size wants to participate, many games can be played with several teams alternately. So nobody has to sit on the bench and get bored.