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Fit for life

Even “Turnvater Jahn” was of the opinion that sports activities benefit the health of the body and mind. In fact, sport, provided it is not exaggerated, promotes health and contributes to daily well-being.
That’s why children should start gymnastics. And even for seniors it is never too late to start with gymnastics.
In Germany, spot and gymnastics clubs offer a wide range of possibilities throughout the country.

All music lovers will enjoy the rhythmic gymnastics. This type of gymnastics offers dancing & amp; gymnastics in one and originated from a competition gymnastics, which is carried out with and without hand tools. With this gymnastics the body control, balance and sense of rhythm are trained and completed by the dance in connection with five hand tools. This kind of dancing & gymnastics was also included in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Although this gymnastics was originally intended only for women, today men in Spain and Japan already take part in such competitions.