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Winter sports

The valley glitters white. The peace is indescribable. Because the snow swallows a lot of sounds. In the evening by the fireplace you can enjoy this peace and quiet. It’s pure relaxation. You’re tired from the day’s effort. Winter sports is exercise in the fresh air.
There are various winter sports possibilities. Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. This is a sporting challenge for everyone, young and old. Before the holiday starts, muscles and joints should be prepared for the new activity. This prevents muscle soreness and allows you to have fun. For the beginners among us there are easy slopes, these are marked blue.
The technique of skiing differs from that of snowboarding. The weight of a snowboard is almost exclusively on the front foot. The upper body influences the direction of travel by turning slightly. On the downhill ski, the weight is evenly distributed and the curves are drawn by weight shifting. Whereas in cross-country skiing the whole body is constantly in motion. The individual skis are also not fixed firmly to the foot
Because winter sports offer so many variations, you can find the right sport for every type of person. In addition, the fresh air stimulates the immune system.