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Quite a few people suffer from bladder weakness (urinary incontinence). In Germany alone, approximately 4 million women and men are affected. A special insert makes everyday life much easier for those affected.

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Tena Lady Maxi Night - Highly Absorbent Insert - Odour-Neutralising - For Moderate Bladder Weakness - Pack of 72 by Tena
  • Tena Lady Maxi Night - Highly Absorbent Insert - Odour-Neutralising - For Moderate Bladder Weakness - Pack of 72

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The bladder weakness pad is also known as an incontinence pad and is available for both men and women. In detail, it is an absolutely skin-friendly and reliable insert that absorbs liquids very quickly. Modern incontinence pads are very comfortable to wear thanks to their special surface and the materials used and are hardly noticeable even after a long time. An adhesive tape securely fixes the inserts and the special material reliably prevents unpleasant odours. In the case of such an important aid as a bladder weakness insoles, those affected should never buy the first or the cheapest insoles. First of all they should deal with the subject of incontinence pads in detail. This is the only way to find out what factors play a role when buying a bladder weakness insoles. The bladder weakness insert is offered in many different forms on the market. Generally speaking, there are insoles for women and insoles for men, each with a different absorbency.

Female patients definitely need a special bladder weakness pad and definitely do not use a male incontinence pad. A woman has a completely different physiology than a man. Urine is delivered in a different way than in men. Therefore, it also proceeds differently than with the male suction pads. For these reasons, women should definitely buy and use a suitable bladder weakness insoles. Insoles for women can be recognized by the narrow shape in the middle and the large sucking core, which runs to the back of the body. A bladder weakness insert for men has the shape of a shell and therefore fits perfectly to the male anatomy. The severity of incontinence plays a particularly important role. Men and women with low levels of urinary incontinence need a different insert than those with significantly higher levels of incontinence. The stronger the bladder weakness, the faster and more effectively the insert must absorb the liquid.

The trade offers incontinence pads for women and men and pads in different strengths. The selection can be significantly reduced by taking into account their gender and the severity of their incontinence. There are a few important criteria and the buyer will quickly recognise whether the insole is of high quality or not. In most cases, products of inferior quality are not 100 percent skin-friendly and do not offer a high level of comfort. This can cause problems while wearing. Therefore, it is better that those affected do not save at the wrong end and buy an inferior product. Recommended deposits usually recognize buyers quite quickly. A high quality bladder weakness insert consists of antiallergic materials. The insert is very comfortable to wear, breathable and absorbs liquids very quickly. Particularly recommendable are the insoles of the well-known manufacturer Tena. These are offered in the trade in different strengths. Tena Men Level 1 is suitable for very mild incontinence, Level 2 is suitable for men with mild bladder weakness. Tena Men Level 3 is the most sold insole. The high quality bladder weakness pad has a bowl shape, is individually packaged and is suitable for moderate incontinence. Due to the double suction core, the liquid is quickly absorbed and there is no rewetting. Odour Control prevents the unpleasant odour and thanks to the breathable back the insert is very skin-friendly. The incontinence pad is fixed with a wide adhesive strip.

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Tena Lady Maxi Night - Highly Absorbent Insert - Odour-Neutralising - For Moderate Bladder Weakness - Pack of 72 by Tena
  • Tena Lady Maxi Night - Highly Absorbent Insert - Odour-Neutralising - For Moderate Bladder Weakness - Pack of 72
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Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System by Neen
  • Simple to use, full instructions enclosed.
  • Takes just 20 minutes a day.
  • If used daily you can expect results in just 12 weeks.
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