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Everyone dreams of a perfect and hair-free skin. Especially in summer, annoying beard stubbles on the face for men, and annoying hairs on the legs for women, are quite unpleasant. However, not many women can opt for the painful depilation variants, such as epilating or waxing for the legs, and eventually overcome them. Even the classic razors can lead to unpleasant skin changes, such as pimples or scratches. A high-quality and effective depilatory cream offers a real alternative added value, for both men and women!

In general, a depilatory cream simply dissolves the disturbing hair by a sulphur-based composition, for example thioglycolic acid salts. The hair is therefore not torn out together with the actual root, as is the case with conventional wax depilation, but dissolved gently and painlessly. This composition of sulphur compounds thus attacks the so-called keratin, approximately one millimetre below the surface of the skin. This keratin is generally responsible for the structure and stability of our hair and nails. Nevertheless, the intentional attack of the desired skin surface with the depilatory cream should prevent the hair from growing back immediately.

Basically, the respective depilatory cream is applied to the desired skin surface to be depilated and then it has to be absorbed and absorbed for a few minutes. It is important that the skin has been cleaned and dried beforehand. The enclosed instructions in the package should also always be read before use and observed during use. After the application time, the dissolved hair can finally be removed with a special spatula, which is usually enclosed with the pack. The possibly existing and superfluous cream on the skin must then only be rinsed off thoroughly with water. Nevertheless, special attention must be paid to the exposure time. If the prescribed time is not observed, skin irritations or even a burning sensation can occur on the treated area of the body. This is usually the case if the exposure time is not observed, for the more sensitive body regions, such as the bikini line, or the armpits. Therefore, work should be carried out very carefully and with caution. Also, after the depilation process, the treated body part should always be supplied with moisture. Here a mild body lotion is very suitable. This is because the product for post-treatment should never be perfume- or alcohol-based. The treated skin should finally be able to restore its natural and strong protective cover.

Probably the most important advantage of a depilatory cream is the absolutely painless application. It is also very user-friendly and fast to use. Also, many creams are already available from three euros. Especially products like Veet Hair Removal Cream for sensitive skin are very good examples. In addition, there are many products on the market that are specifically designed for use on dry or sensitive skin. There are also creams that have been specially developed for use by men, such as the Deepline Hair Removal Cream for men. According to this, further research in this field has ensured a sustainable and gentle application for all skin and hair types. So also this method of depilation is very cost-saving and versatile.

After using a depilatory cream, the achieved effect usually lasts only for about ten days. This period is, compared to a conventional shave, somewhat longer. However, hair can grow back significantly faster after using a depilatory cream than after electric epilation or wax depilation. Furthermore, skin irritations can also occur when using products that are not of high quality.

Since not everyone prefers depilation by epilation or waxing, a depilatory cream is a profitable alternative at this point. Nevertheless, before buying the desired creams, you should make sure that high-quality materials are used in the production process. Interested parties can also inform themselves in advance about the supplier and the desired product through the various portals. Especially if allergies should exist, this circumstance should be clarified in advance. Otherwise, a depilatory cream is an inexpensive and effective depilatory option for everyone.

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