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The daily look in the mirror or on the brush brings it to the day. Hair loss. This is not a sign of aging and can be combated with hair growth products. But by the different means the question of the special which really helps arises.

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Chemical substances are mixed and combined to produce the agents. But there is no question that natural hair growth products can also be used. But what do these resources do? How is hair growth promoted? There are various active substances that are supposed to prevent the formation of hormones that lead to hair loss. Other active ingredients promote blood circulation in the scalp and ensure that the hair remains firmly anchored in the scalp. Scientific studies have found three serious chemical agents that really help. These are finasteride and alfatradiol which fight the hormones and minoxidil which strengthens the hair.

The best known active ingredient against hair loss and hair growth is caffeine. In addition to the circulatory effect, the remedies contain caffeine, the hair grows by several millimeters. Many hair restorers have an effect on the scalp because it is there that the growth of the hair is determined. They aim at a good blood circulation of the scalp so that the hair growth cells are stimulated to let the hair grow faster and stronger. This can also be achieved with regular head massages. This ensures that you don’t need too many resources. But please, don’t expect miracles from the head massages, because they only stimulate to a certain extent. This also applies to hair growth products. If you’re bald, you can’t expect to wear a permanent soon.

A popular natural hair restorer is tea tree oil, or birch blossom leaf extract. The tea tree oil soothes the scalp and has a health aspect. It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, so that the hair growth cells can take up their work. Regularly massaged in, the positive and expected effect will soon be visible. The same also applies to the extract from birch blossom leaves. A tincture of about 200 grams of nettle roots is also popular. Cook them together with half a litre of vinegar and one litre of water for about half an hour. This is also massaged gently into the scalp.

Those who prefer to rely on chemistry are also well advised. However, a hair restorer should be chosen which adapts to the hair and the skin. There are hair restorers for stressed hair that are not suitable for greasy or dry hair. Also for colored hair a certain remedy is in demand. Also, there are special hair restorers that can skin the conclusion hair restorers are available both from nature and from the labs. Both types of hair restorers have their advantages. Those who prefer to rely on nature use stinging nettles or caffeine, those who swear by chemistry use products containing finasteride, alfatradiol and minoxidil. At the same time, when using chemical products, care should be taken that the scalp does not suffer too much. Because if you suffer from redness and itching of the scalp, you need special hair restorers, which also combat these problems. Also the adjustment to the hair type is very important, so that the hair gets the care which one wishes.

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