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Unlike real wild horses, which unfortunately only exist rarely, breeding horses have a completely different coat quality. Her winter-fur is only partly trained now. Instead, the focus in breeding is on softness, suppleness and shine. Therefore it is important that the animals have not only one, but several horse blankets at their disposal. After all, the noble four-legged friends should not miss anything in the stable, as well as on the pasture. There’s not just one horse blanket. Rather, horse blankets are available for a wide variety of purposes. There are light and airy fly blankets, special horse riding blankets and horse walker blankets are offered. You can get warming winter blankets, transition blankets, water-repellent blankets for horses as well as transport, sweat and even kidney blankets for the beloved “Zossen”. In this respect, the question is not whether you need a horse blanket – but what for! Whichever horse blanket you choose, it is important to make sure that the material on the animal’s back does not rub off. Problems in the withers area can occur particularly frequently in this respect. In order to prevent this, it is worth purchasing a horse rest with an extra high neckline. This offers the advantage that the sensitive neck of the animals is even better protected. At the same time, the special way the product is cut prevents skin abrasions. Surely such high-quality blankets are also available with a removable neck element. However, these are slightly more expensive to purchase.

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Of course, you can’t just throw on a horse blanket like that. Rather, each model should have at least one – even better: two – crupper straps. These ensure that nothing slips even with faster movements and that the animals do not stumble when grazing. If you are willing to spend a little more money to give your beloved horse an optimal hold with the horse blanket, then you should choose a product that is equipped with wide, soft cross straps. If there are additional straps for the legs on the ceiling, this is of course another advantage.

– Sweat blankets are an essential part of well thought-out riding equipment. After training or a strenuous ride the animals sweat. A Abschwitzdecke protects the animals very well against wind-pulls and cold. The material properties of sweat blankets are ideally light and robust at the same time, they should be easy to care for and absorb moisture. – Kidney blankets are highly recommended for horses that are particularly in need of warmth or sensitive to cold. The kidney blanket is also an essential part of the equipment for existing kidney or bladder problems and after shearing in winter.

– Horse blankets for rainy days are waterproof and windproof at the same time. If necessary, they should also protect the animals against moisture over a longer period of time. Whether fed on the inside or not – rain blankets are an enrichment and ensure that the animals feel comfortable even in bad weather. – Stable ceilings are suitable for use at cool temperatures. Although the classic models are not suitable for carrying on the paddock, they offer very good protection against draughts and cold in the stable. – Winter blankets need not shy away from comparison with stable blankets when it comes to protection against wind and cold. However, winter blankets are usually also suitable for outdoor use. This means that as a rule they are also water-repellent and breathable.

– Fly blankets are extremely light and very tightly woven. They adapt excellently to the body contours of the animals and thus prevent annoying flies, horseflies, mosquitoes and the like from sitting on the sensitive horse skin. A fly thus prevents unpleasant, painful or even itchy stings and gives every horse a “plus” in quality of life. Conclusion: Those who know the needs of their horses and want to give them something good should never ask themselves whether a horse blanket is necessary or not.

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