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All happiness on this earth lies on the back of horses. This sentence contains much that is true. This is precisely why equestrian sport still enjoys great popularity even after decades. The saddle plays an important role in the satisfaction of horse and rider. In the following it is about the choice of the right horse saddle and what one should pay attention to with the purchase.

What should be considered when buying a horse saddle? First you have to decide for which purpose the saddle should be used or which riding style you want to ride. Your own ability should also be assessed realistically. Not every saddle is suitable for beginners. Then the basic factors such as the shape of the horse’s back and his own height should be taken into account. Based on these criteria, a few saddles should then be selected for testing. If the saddle fits to horse and rider, the saddle does not rub and slide back and forth on the horse, nothing should stand in the way of a purchase.

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The structure of a riding saddleFirst it must be clarified how a saddle is built at all. All riding saddles, except treeless saddles, have the so-called saddle tree. This forms the heart of the saddle and is usually made of plastic or fibreglass. This material is particularly light and does not strain the horse’s back unnecessarily. The saddle tree is preferably covered with leather. On the saddle tree there are front and back pommels. This area represents the seat of the rider. An ascending belt is fitted in the front area. The rider can hold on to this when climbing onto the horse. To the right and left of the saddle tree are the saddle leaves. These support the rider’s legs. An eyelet for attaching the stirrups is located directly at the upper end of the saddle leaves. Under the saddle blade lies the so-called welding blade. Three girth straps run over this, to which the saddle girth is attached. This prevents the saddle from slipping away. In order to protect the horse’s back, the saddle panel is located in the area where the saddle rests on the horse’s back. This protects the horse’s back from excessive strain and injuries. Riding saddles with a tree are very common in western or dressage riding. However, there are also treeless saddles, as mentioned at the beginning. These offer the advantage that they can be easily adapted to horses and riders. What types of horse saddles are there? As many riding styles as there are, as many different riding saddles there are. The most popular are the eventing saddle, the dressage saddle and the show jumping saddle. In addition, there are many, more special variants, such as the western saddle, the Maremmana, the hiking saddle, or the Iberian saddle. The saddle types differed in cut, shape and type of padding. While the dressage saddle is mainly used for dressage and the show jumping saddle for show jumping, the eventing saddle is suitable for both disciplines. In addition, it is also ideal for longer rides and is therefore often the first choice of a rider.

Where can you buy a horse saddle? You can buy a horse saddle from a specialist dealer or in an online shop. As a third, somewhat more cost-intensive variant, a saddle can also be ordered from a saddler. Buying a saddle from a saddler has the advantage that the saddle is tailor-made for horse and rider. Horse and rider should feel most comfortable with this variation. In particular, the horse’s back is subjected to the least strain. The only disadvantage here is the price: A horse saddle from a saddler can cost 3000 to 5000 Euros. You can get a saddle at a specialist dealer or in the online shop at a lower price. However, on-site advice and service at the specialist dealer’s should not be underestimated. The purchase in the Onlineshop might represent regularly the most favorable variant to acquire a saddle. However, beginners are not advised to buy online.

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