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Artists have always enchanted people. Jugglers are no exception. Their skills fascinate us and awaken the desire in some people to do the same. In addition to balls, the artists juggle a wide variety of objects: Wrestling, burning torches or even chairs. But also coloured cloths are used. They have to meet special requirements so that the flight characteristics and the overall picture of the demonstration are consistent

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The cloths, which are ideal for juggling, are square and each have a side length of around 70 cm. There are however also special sizes, which reach from approx. 40x40cm up to stately 2m side length. Juggling scarves are made of a light and airy fabric, preferably chiffon. As a result, they have a relatively low speed of fall. Once in the air, they literally float gently down. The individual movement sequences during training can be learned faster with the help of fluffy cloths, unlike when working with balls etc. The positive experience of success ensures that the fun of the exercises is maintained. Only when the aspiring artist has optimized his training by working regularly with the scarves should he switch to juggling balls and increase the speed of the individual exercises. Juggling scarves are offered in many bright and colourful colours. When tied together, they form a long band in the changing colours of the rainbow. Some models have the additional feature of glowing under black light, for example, to enhance the show effect. Juggling cloths can be used for all common juggling patterns such as columns, cascades or backwards cascades, which are also used when working with balls

Artists do not only use juggling scarves for training, but also for various magic tricks. Since the cloths are so light and small, you can easily stow them away and quickly conjure them out of your hat or closed fist. But not only jugglers and magicians use these practical cloths. They can also be found in childcare and offer a great change from the other toys or sports equipment used there. In many kindergartens the colourful cloths are very popular, both with the little ones and with their teachers. With them you can do wonderful loosening and warm-up exercises. Juggling scarves for dancing are also very popular in connection with early musical education. Another field of application is rehabilitation, because not only small children but also sick people with coordination disorders and motor difficulties can benefit from them and train their mobility in a fun way with the scarves. The mobility of seniors must be trained regularly in order to prevent calcifications or to reduce an already existing movement blockade

If you are thinking about buying juggling scarves, you should pay attention to a good quality. The edges must be well and neatly sewn to prevent premature fraying. The durability and longevity is thereby increased many times over. Despite the light fabric, it is advantageous if the cloths can be washed in the washing machine. Juggling scarves are usually sold in sets of different numbers. Choose a package size that suits your application. A large set is suitable for group work. However, if you would like to practice alone, a set with the usual 12 to 15 colours or cloths is usually sufficient. Buying online has some advantages. Shopping can take place around the clock. And this from anywhere where the Internet is also available. Due to the strong competition, you can benefit from a larger price range here than in the retail trade. There are several payment options available, which, however, of a few opinions, is very secure through multiple encryption. You can usually receive the goods within 1-2 days after ordering and payment at the address of your choice.

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Best Juggling cloths
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