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  • ENHANCES SEXUAL VIRILITY & LIBIDO - Used by Brazilians for...
  • PROMOTES MENSTRUAL RELIEF - Although it's primarily known...
  • DELIVERS GREAT BRAIN NOURISHMENT - Studies on the effects of...
  • MUIRA PUAMA HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: Muira puama is one of the...
  • BLOOD FLOW ENHANCEMENT: The primary reaction of the body to...
  • Promotes sexual health and fertility
  • Plant sterols and flavonoids that protect the reproductive...
  • For both men and women
  • Promotes sexual health and fertility
  • Plant sterols and flavonoids that protect the reproductive...
  • For both men and women
  • Latin/Botanical Name: Ptychopetalum olacoides
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Kosher Certified

Especially with increasing age, sexual activity among men is decreasing more and more. This is usually not due to a decrease in the actual libido, but above all to physical weaknesses. But especially in a long-term relationship this could lead to a problem or even to disappointing scenes. However, today there are many ways and means to increase and stimulate sexual activity again. The small blue pill, also known as Viagra, is probably well known to most people here. In addition, many alternatives are available today, because Viagra in particular can also trigger significant side effects. In this case, a plant-based and healthier solution is the right choice. Under the difficult name Muira Puama, a herbal remedy is offered which can also have a positive effect. In addition, the product scores with numerous advantages, which are particularly noticeable with regular use. But what are the advantages of this product, and what should be taken into account when using it? And what is this drug?

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Swanson Muira Puama Root Sexual Health Virility Libido Boost Support Men's Women's Supplement 400 mg 90 Capsules
  • ENHANCES SEXUAL VIRILITY & LIBIDO - Used by Brazilians for centuries as a herbal aphrodisiac, muira puama root supports sexual virility and erectile function in men and features plant sterols that may help boost testosterone. In women, muira puama supplements are great for promoting an enhanced libido and sexual arousal.
  • PROMOTES MENSTRUAL RELIEF - Although it's primarily known for boosting sexual function, muira puama root supplements are great for their active PMS support for women. Taking a Muira Puama Root can help promote the body's ability to manage some of the menstrual symptoms like menstrual discomfort and more.
  • DELIVERS GREAT BRAIN NOURISHMENT - Studies on the effects of Muira Puama Root supplement usage on the brain have shown promise, suggesting that regular use may promote memory health by supporting healthy neurons and a healthy mood. Each capsule of Swanson Full-Spectrum Muira Puama Root delivers 400 mg of muira puama root (Ptychopetalum olacoides).
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What is Muira Puama actually? Muira Puama is a completely herbal remedy that comes from a tree. This tree bears the same name as the remedy itself, so that a clear identification exists here. The tree is mainly found in the rainforest and plays a very important role in Brazil’s forests. With a height of 5 meters, the trees are an impressive sight, but they don’t just score with their optical appearance. Especially the inner values are very important. Because the bark and the roots contain many valuable active ingredients. And it is precisely these that are also used when potency is to be increased. As an aphrodisiac, Muira Puama is anything but new, because especially the natives have been using the roots and bark for many years. How does the remedy work? to understand how the remedy works, everyone should understand that there can be many different causes of erectile dysfunction. Among other things, a special enzyme plays a very important role here. This is released by the body and serves as a messenger substance for the aforementioned erectile dysfunction. In order to increase sexual activity again, this is blocked when Muira Puama is taken. The result is a much better sexual activity. This becomes apparent to most users very quickly. Already after the first intake many men report that the body and in particular also the sexual organs are perceived clearly more intensively. Within a short time the lust and the desire are clearly increased. How does the intake work? Basically there are hardly any mistakes to be made, but there are different techniques and possibilities. For example, it can be absorbed through a fresh cup of tea. About two teaspoons are brewed and then drunk fresh. The effect starts after about 30 minutes. Alternatively and even easier to use are the capsules and tablets, which then contain Muira Puama and can also be applied spontaneously and quickly. The active ingredient is not only very suitable for men, but women are also increasingly recognizing its many advantages. Muira Puama can have a positive effect on menstrual cramps or colds within a short period of time. Also in professional sports an application is quite conceivable and is carried out relatively often. The drug significantly stimulates the performance of the body and provides maximum performance, but the active ingredient in the form of a powder is used here.

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Solaray Muira Puama Root, 300 mg, 100 Count
  • Promotes sexual health and fertility
  • Plant sterols and flavonoids that protect the reproductive organs to maintain sexual well-being
  • For both men and women
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