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In comparison to flags, hoisted flags are something very special and unique. For a company or an association, they serve as a brand and identification symbol. Club flags are usually regarded as a “holy symbol”, which under no circumstances may fall into “enemy hands”, similar to the eagle of the Roman legions. Companies are increasingly using hoisting flags for advertising purposes in order to present themselves to their customers from a distance.

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The flag size should always be based on the height of the flagpole at which it is hoisted. If the flag is used as an advertising medium, it should be large enough to attract attention from a distance. The standard sizes of hoisting flags are 100 x 150 cm in landscape format and 100 x 200 cm in portrait format. With a mast height of 9 to 10 m this is the most suitable size, so that the flags can blow well visible in the wind. Depending on mast height and advertising message, there are also flags with larger dimensions or even special designs. The distance of a hoist flag to the ground should not be less than 3 m in any case, as otherwise the flag does not really come into its own and appears oversized. In the opposite case, a flag that is too small on a 10 m high mast looks rather puny and out of place. In order for hoisting flags to be able to move freely in the wind at all times, it is essential to maintain sufficient distance from trees, masts or buildings.

Many different materials are used in the production of flags for outdoor use. So there are high-quality hoisting flags made of real ship’s canvas or simpler models made of full polyester. Fabrics made of frontlit, canvas, backlit or mesh are also used as hoisting flags. Irrespective of the material of the flag, it must be caught in time in storms or thunderstorms to prevent damage.

For a hoisted flag to carry its message for a long time, it should be cleaned regularly. It is advisable to wash the flag before the first hoisting. This can easily be done in a household washing machine at 30 °. Some flags can also be washed at higher temperatures, depending on the manufacturer and material. Before going into the washing machine, however, all eyes and hooks should be removed so that the flag is not damaged during the washing process. Depending on the material of the flag, it may be necessary to use a special detergent for synthetic fibres. Depending on the degree of use and soiling, it is advisable to wash the flag every one to two months at the latest. Dry cleaning is not recommended due to the printing and materials. To dry the flag, it is either hoisted wet (without centrifuging) or it is briefly thrown and dried hanging in a room. Depending on your wishes, a hoistable flag can also be ironed easily. The setting for silk and polyester on the iron is suitable for this purpose.

Before buying a flag you should be aware of its exact purpose and use. If a flag serves as a club symbol, it fulfils other criteria than an advertising flag. A club flag may be smaller than an advertising flag. The material also plays an important role in the choice of the right flag. If the flags are fan flags, they are already printed and can be purchased in various sizes. However, if the flag is to be printed with your own advertising, there are other requirements for the quality of the flag fabric. Appropriate customer reviews on an online sales platform can also be very helpful to get a better picture of the quality of the flag based on the experiences of other buyers. A price comparison is also worthwhile. Not always means expensive equal better. Sometimes you will find the same quality at a different supplier much cheaper. If a certain flag has already been awarded as a top product by customers, it can be assumed that it is really good quality.

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